Chad Gable Is Done Being Shorty G After Latest Loss To Lars Sullivan On WWE SmackDown (Video)

It looks like Shorty G is no more in WWE.

Tonight's SmackDown on FS1 episode saw Shorty G take a rough loss to Lars Sullivan. After the match, Kayla Braxton interviewed G from ringside and he announced that he was quitting. WWE Producer Adam Pearce later caught up with Shorty in the trainer's room, and asked him about his comments on quitting. Shorty ranted about how he's tired of lying to people about how they can achieve what they want to if they believe in themselves. He went on and said he is done, with being this Shorty G character. He named some of his accomplishments as an amateur wrestler and declared that only one man can achieve anything he wants – Chad Gable.

Gable feuded with King Baron Corbin back in 2019 and defeated him at the 2019 Hell In a Cell pay-per-view after the Corbin had the announcer introduce him by the "Shorty Gable" name, to continue making fun of his height. The name was then changed to "Shorty G" on the October 18, 2019 SmackDown episode, and Gable has used that name ever since. Until now.

There's no word yet on what WWE has planned for the new Gable storyline, but we will keep you updated. Above is video from tonight's Lars vs. Shorty match, and below are a few more shots from tonight: