Elias recently spoke with Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated to promote tonight’s WWE RAW season premiere episode. The show will feature Elias performing a concert for fans, which will further his feud with Jeff Hardy.

Elias returned to WWE TV last week after being away since June with a torn pectoral muscle. He feels confident about his return, but noted that the injury caused him significant pain during the recovery.

“I don’t know if my chest will ever look the same that it was, but I feel strong,” Elias said. “When this happened, it sounded like a piece of paper getting ripped in half. But my strength is back. I’ve been training in the ring; I feel good and I’m ready.”

Elias will release his “Universal Truth” album on Monday, October 26. He talked about working on the album while away from the ring, and said it’s a lot different from the “Walk with Elias” album he released in 2018.

“I searched my soul during my down time, seeking truth, and that’s why I entitled the album Universal Truth,” Elias said. “It is different from the album I put out in 2018. That was very character-driven, and I loved that album, but this is different. It’s spiritual, it’s energy, it’s rock and roll. The lyrics are deep and meaningful. You’re going to feel the energy when you listen.

“With wrestling and music, I’m a bit of a madman when it comes to creativity. I always want more, I always want to tell the deepest, most real story we possibly can. And I want to blend my wrestling with my music. I’m grateful for all my opportunities in WWE, and I think they’re happy that I always want more.”

Elias, who was drafted to RAW in the 2020 WWE Draft, said he’s looking forward to continuing the feud with Hardy on the red brand.

“There is a lot to this story,” he said. “I know people love Jeff Hardy. I grew up loving him, too. His wrestling ability and longevity, it’s amazing. But if there are people out there that think Elias, who was the man hit by a car, doesn’t know who was driving it, you’re in the wrong.”

He continued and said he’s looking forward to using Hardy to get to the main event, “This story is going to be fun. I grew up a huge wrestling fan, and I love when stories make sense and fans can connect the dots in their own mind as to why things are happening, along with some mystery and reveal. I know exactly what is ahead of me, and I’m ready for it. I’m willing to put all my effort into my story. I’m ready for Jeff Hardy, and I’ll be ready for big stories with guys like Drew McIntyre and A.J. Styles. Jeff can be a stepping stone right to that main event picture.”