Exclusive News On Top WWE Storyline (Contains Spoilers)

The current plan for the Jey Uso – Roman Reigns storyline is for Jey to eventually join forces with Reigns, Wrestling Inc. has learned.

It's not known when Jey will side with Reigns, but the idea is for it to be a "if you can't beat them, join them" situation where Reigns will be the Tribal Chief and Jey will be his henchman. The storyline will be that Reigns is the provider and Jey needs to be able to provide for his family so he will essentially fall in line with him.

It's not known how Jimmy Uso will play into this when he's medically cleared to return.

Reigns faces Jey tonight at WWE Hell In A Cell in an "I Quit" match inside the Hell In A Cell structure. Join us this evening for our live coverage of WWE Hell In A Cell.