The jaw injury to WWE NXT Champion Finn Balor reportedly is not as bad as the company is making it out to be.

Balor and WWE have announced that the NXT Champions suffered a broken jaw in two places during the win over Kyle O’Reilly at Sunday’s “Takeover: 31” event. It was indicated on last night’s NXT that Balor will miss some ring time due to the injury.

In an update, it was noted on the latest edition of Wrestling Observer Radio by Dave Meltzer that the injury report is not inaccurate, but word from within NXT is that it was “made to be worse than it is,” for whatever reason.

There’s still no word on how long Balor will be out of action but the typical recovery time for a broken jaw is around 6 weeks.

Last night’s NXT episode featured a video with comments from WWE’s ringside physician Dr. Jeffrey Westerfield. His comments were apparently recorded shortly after Takeover as Balor also appeared in the video and seemed to be talking without any issues.

“That match was so hard hitting,” Westerfield said of O’Reilly vs. Balor. “It’s amazing, I don’t know how the two of them got through that match. Unfortunately there’s absolutely no chance that Kyle’s going to be able to make TVs this week, Finn had two fractures in his jaw. Once the swelling goes down in a couple days, Finn’s going to be able to talk very sparingly. Obviously it’s going to have to have him out for a little bit of time.”

Balor and O’Reilly both appeared in the Prime Target video last night, which you can see above. O’Reilly also appeared in a pre-recorded backstage segment with The Undisputed Era. Balor discussed the injury and his title reign during the video.

“I got time,” Balor said. “I got a broken jaw in two different places to prove it. He’s got the fire, but you gotta fight fire with fire. A lot of people asking, ‘Is this title reign going to be as good as the last?’ I think they just got their answer.”

Triple H originally announced after Takeover that Balor was taken to a local hospital for x-rays on his jaw. WWE then announced later that night how Balor was receiving CAT scans at the hospital, to check for potential facial fractures. It was also announced that O’Reilly suffered several broken teeth, and was being evaluated for further injuries. Both competitors now appear to be on the road to recovery.

Stay tuned for updates on Balor’s condition.