Below are highlights from the latest Being the Elite:

* Colt Cabana ? who now looks like Michael Nakazawa after his face was worked on by an AEW trainer ? is troubled because nobody believes it’s actually him. Matt Sydal shows up and yells at Cabana about almost causing him to break his neck when he slipped off the top turnbuckle. Cabana tries to explain to him it’s Colt, Sydal doesn’t believe him. Sydal says how about Colt tells him something only the two of them know since they go way back. Colt tells a very specific story that causes Sydal to change his tune. Colt heads off and the real Nakazawa (with different clothing) then bumps into Sydal. Nakazawa tells Sydal who he is and Sydal realizes it’s no longer Colt, and says he’s going to break Nakazawa’s neck in their match on Dark. Nakazawa says he’s going to use Mr. Socko (his underwear) on Sydal in their match and leaves. Sydal is so confused with what’s going on in AEW.

* John Silver tells 5 that Alex Reynolds isn’t here this week, so they have to work together to recruit people. They see Sammy Guevara down the hallway. 5 says he knows how to talk with Sammy, and ends up having an awkward greeting. Silver pulls him aside and yells at 5 about blowing this recruitment. Silver says he’s got a squad, and tries to bring Sammy in. 5 interjects and messes up their conversation. Sammy tells Silver he’s cool, but he hangs out with a loser and the answer is no.

* Jurassic Express hanging out with Tay Conti at the bar, Marko Stunt works as the bartender and gets drinks for people. He asks Luchasaurus for his ID as Eddie Kingston watches on from the back of the room. Luchasaurus tells Conti he asked to hang because he wants her to join Jurassic Express. Anna Jay storms in and asks Conti why she’s hanging with these loses. “Shut it, Grandpa,” Jay says to Luchasaurus. Tells him to hang out with someone his own age and brings Conti with her.

* Matt Jackson hanging with Nick and says the fans want them to vlog again. Nick says they don’t care about Dark Order, or the other bits on the show. They attempt to do a vlog for Dynamite as Brandon Cutler walks in. He says he’s got a present for them and it’s a BTE World Championship title. Matt says it’s a great title, but there are way too many belts in wrestling. Cutler says this one is going to be new and fresh. The belt will be defended not just in matches, but any kind of competition. He leaves the title with the brothers.

* Alex Abrahantes does an infomercial for the “Miphone Tu.” Vickie Guerrero and Diamante show off all the features of the phone.

* Dark Order in the weight room as 10 does some bench presses. Silver acts weird, as usual, Brodie Lee comes in and wonders what the hell is going on. Lee says that’s baby weight and says to put more on the bar. He calls over 99 (Anna Jay) and she puts it up with ease. She then calls 10 a “little b—-” and tells Uno he’s next. Lee demands he do it. Uno yells out in pain as he tries to put the weight up as the group just walks away.

* Matt Jackson texts Tony Khan. Khan writes to them: “Hey wtf?! Why’d you throw money at me on TV? Embarrassing. You can’t just superkick people like this you guys.” Matt responds: “Lol. Hey, FYI, just sent you like 50k through PayPal to get ahead. Things WILL get crazy here. It’s time to go back to the old days.” We then see clips of them superkicking a bunch of different people. Matt continues: “We’ve been too nice. Anyway, um, yeah. Sorry? But it’s time for a change.” Khan responds: “FFS.”

* Commentary runs down the upcoming eight-man tournament where the winner gets a shot at the AEW World Title. Kenny Omega is one of the names that were announced as Hangman Page sat with commentary (Page has a surprised reaction to the news). Jim Ross, Excalibur, and Jim Ross do voiceovers of how it will be “Just Kenny Omega” in this tournament and not Page.

* Outside of Daily’s Place, Tipsy Page walks away as Brandon Cutler tries to talk to him about Kenny being in the tournament. Cutler says he had no idea Kenny was doing that. Cutler says he has a new idea to help mend fences between Page and The Young Bucks, but Page says it’s over! “I know I’m a piece of s—, but they’re a piece of s—, too!” Cutler says Matt and Nick are good guys, and Page wonders what’s the last good thing they did for him? Cutler says they were in the crowd for his match against Peter Avalon. Page laughs and asks what difference that made? A heated Page asks Cutler if he asked Matt and Nick to be actually in his corner, which would actually make a difference! Page says he did that before, and they said no. “What you are to them, you are a prop,” Page says. When Cutler makes them look good, they give him praise, but when it’s time for Cutler to be the star, they won’t be there. Cutler doesn’t believe Page and says he’ll ask them to corner him. Page says to let him know how that works out for him. Page hands Cutler his drink and says to finish it, then come with him because he’s got some steam to blow off. Cutler thinks about drinking it, but Page returns and says “You thought I’d let you finish my drink?” and has the rest, then smashes the glass on the ground. He then tells Cutler to come on. “Why is everybody dealing with this by breaking things?” Cutler says as he walks in the same direction as Page.