Hornswoggle Responds To Not Being Involved With DX's WWE Hall Of Fame Induction

Former WWE star, Hornswoggle, recently joined The New Day on their Feel The Power podcast and reflected on his time with WWE. Hornswoggle had gotten mixed up with D-Generation X in 2009 where after wearing DX clothing for a couple of weeks, he received a "legal" document stating he was no longer allowed to wear it. Hornswoggle tried to counter-sue the group, however, it was dropped when DX agreed to let him be their official mascot.

DX would go on to be inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame in 2019, but Hornswoggle would not be included. During his appearance on the podcast, he revealed that he was not invited to attend the event, but remains grateful for his run with the company.

"I was home that night," Hornswoggle said. "I wasn't invited to the Hall of Fame that day. The last Cruiserweight Champion before they brought the purple belt back – like, done a lot of awesome things like Vince's son stuff and then you go back to the Anonymous GM thing. Whenever there was a, 'Who's the answer? What's the answer? Hornswoggle is still here. Let's just throw it to him' kind of thing. I was okay with that. When there was a guest host, I always did something with them. It was the coolest thing ever. Hell of a run!"

Hornswoggle would later recall a period of time where talent relations told him he was too heavy and needed to lose weight. He said John Cena shared his workout tips with him and that it's a plan he still uses to this day. He also revealed that William Regal had him doing "very odd" workouts on top of what Cena had him doing.

"This was when I was told to lose weight and I was really fat, and I was," Hornswoggle said. "[John] Cena was putting me in a workout. He had his trainer write me up a weekly workout, which I still use. I'm doing the Cena workouts, which were crazy workouts too. But then at TV days, Regal would put me through another workout, which is essentially him just making me squat, and do pushups, and weird things.

"Very odd workouts with calisthenics," Hornswoggle added. "I don't do that stuff! I don't know what that is. I remember at one point, we would always find a random college we thought no one would go into, but everyone went into it and then I will just be doing squats, doing push-ups shirtless, which is really weird because– I don't know. I would be shirtless and then Kofi would come in or this other guy would come in, and if Regal wasn't there, Daniel Bryan had to run the workouts for him. It was just a very weird thing. Looking back, I don't know why I did it. Why wouldn't I just say no? I don't think doing hundreds of squats with Regal was the reason I lost the weight."

Hornswoggle went on to share a funny story of him irritating Big E to the point that Big E had enough and kicked him so hard that he flew in the air and shattered his laptop.

"So we're on the road one weekend – I don't even remember what it is, but I won't reveal the secret because E's probably very self-conscious of it," Hornswoggle said. "I would push a certain button, and he has a couple of these buttons that I would push because I would always sit behind him in the seat, and I just kept physically pushing the buttons. I would push him and I would keep pushing him, and E didn't like this. I mean, who would've thought?

"[Big E] finally had enough, and as we were walking to the venue, I'm walking, and I always had a huge backpack," Hornswoggle continued. "A huge backpack because I would have my electronics, my laptop, my phone stuff, and whatever. It was always my electronic backpack and it was always pretty heavy. I'm walking with my gear bag and my backpack on, and out of nowhere, for no reason, E kicks me extremely hard with full force. Kicks me in the backpack. I fly about 10 feet forward and I hit my face. The backpack comes up and hits me in the back of my head.

"He just keeps walking," Hornswoggle added. "No, 'I'm sorry'. No, 'That went a lot worse than I expected it to'. He just keeps walking. Kofi has a look in his eyes like he just saw someone get shot – just saw a murder happen. And then he looks at E expecting him to say something, and E just walks past me and walks to a locker room. Kofi's like thumbs [up] to me because he thinks I'm dead, but I'm okay. I get up, and I think I kipped up probably.

"That's another thing," Hornswoggle continued. "I was still hanging on to my bag when I was falling down. My rolling Samsonite flew in the air with me! It flew in the air! That's how hard he kicked me. I couldn't have time to lift up my bag! I get up and I'm brushing myself off, and I kind of looked at Kofi like, 'What the hell!?' Kofi's like, 'You just pushed him too far, [Hornswoggle], and I think he just reached his breaking point'. And I remember him thinking I deserved it then. Maybe not, but then comes the part that's never been revealed. That night, we went to the hotel. I opened up my laptop to email my son – to check on my lovely son. I wanted to check in on my lovely, adorable son and my laptop screen is shattered. Shattered! I bring this point to [Big E] and he acts like it never happened, acting like he never kicked me with my backpack hitting my skull with it, acting like it never happened. [Big E], you still owe me a Macbook Pro."

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Mehdy Labriny contributed to this article.