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Tonight’s episode is the go-home show before Bound For Glory, which is live this Saturday on FITE TV and traditional pay-per-view!

Josh Mathews and Madison Rayne welcome fans to Impact Wrestling! We kick things off with a five-way match to determine who will enter the “Call Your Shot” Gauntlet at BFG first and last!

Hernandez vs. Cousin Jake vs. Rhino vs. Alisha Edwards vs. Heath

All five stand around in a circle, talking smack to each other. Alisha shoves each of the men, trying to gain dominance at the beginning of the match. Hernandez picks her up and sits her on the top rope. Alisha climbs on Heath’s back. Heath slams her into the turnbuckle. Hernandez breaks a pin attempt from Alisha. Alisha dives off the top post onto the four men on the outside. Cousin Jake smashes Heath’s face on the apron then rolls into the ring. Hernandez and Cousin Jake temporarily team up against Rhino by taking turns with shots, and a flying dive, from Hernandez. Cousin Jake saves Alisha from Hernadez’s attempt at a crucifix bomb. Rhino accidentally spears Alisha in half with his Gore finisher. Hernandez rolls Rhino up in a schoolboy and wins the match!

Winner: Hernandez

Hernandez will enter the Gauntlet last, and Rhino will enter first.

Mathews and Rayne run through BFG’s card on Saturday as well as what’s to come on tonight’s show!

Following their rundown, we take an exclusive look at what led to Moose and EC3’s bitter rivalry. They will face each other on Saturday at an undisclosed location.

Up next, the self-proclaimed TNA World Heavyweight Champion Moose will sit down with Jimmy Jacobs.

Jimmy Jacobs asks Moose about him and EC3’s cat and mouse game they’ve been playing for several months now. Moose questions Jacobs’s interview skills and leaves the interview very angry. Out of nowhere, several of EC3’s henchmen kidnap Jacobs and put him in a vehicle.

Backstage: John E Bravo is very displeased with how things are going at his wedding rehearsal. He sits his friends/planners down to see what still needs to be done. Spoiler Alert: A LOT still needs to be done. Taya Valkyrie tries to lighten the mood, but Bravo is very disappointed with all the loose ends that still need to be done before his wedding next Tuesday.

After, we see a video package hyping up Deonna Purrazzo and Kylie Rae’s Knockouts Championship match on Saturday!

Speaking of their wedding, Rosemary will face Havok next! If Rosemary wins, Havok must resurrect Father James Mitchell from the dead so he can officiate Rosemary and Bravo’s wedding.

Rosemary vs. Havok

Havok charges in as the match gets going. Havok rolls Rosemary up. Rosemary gets her shoulders up by the 2 count. Havok has Rosemary up on her shoulders. Rosemary slides out. Rosemary has Havok in a tight guillotine choke. Havok counters with a thunderous suplex. Rosemary climbs on top and flies off with a crossbody. Rosemary hooks the leg on Havok for a pin. Havok kicks out at 2.5. Rosemary catches Havok with two powerful spears. This knocks Havok out cold. Rosemary gains the pinfall win. She will be getting Father James Mitchell back!

Winner: Rosemary

Post-Match: Rosemary crawls over towards to a very horrified Havok. Rosemary gently nudges her. They both shake hands to seal the deal that Father James Mitchell will be revived from the dead.

After, we see the events that led up to the tag team four-way that will take place this Saturday for the Impact Tag Team Championships. Motor City Machine Guns won these titles off of The North during a TV taping. MCMG will face Ace Austin & Madman Fulton, The North (Ethan Page and Josh Alexander) and The Good Brothers (Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson).

Still, to come, The Good Brothers will face The North in a tag team dream match!

Before their big match tonight, Mathews gives us a sneak peek of The Good Brothers’ “Talk’n Shop” show that will broadcast after tonight’s Impact.

After, Kylie Rae takes a moment to talk about her career-defining match that she’ll be part of on Saturday. She says that she wants little girls around the world to look up to her as a role model. For her to fulfill that prophecy, she needs to become the Knockouts Champion. She also talks about what has drawn her to the dark side as of late.

Following Rae’s statement, we see that Jacobs has been brought to EC3’s secret hideout. EC3 sits down right next to Jacobs and tells him that it’s just him and Jacobs. Jacobs asks EC3 where they are. EC3 says that they’re in his narrative. He wants Jacobs to know why he’s tormented Moose for the past several months. He says his reasoning is simple: he has potential, and he saw that last week during their quick bout in the woods. He wants Moose to take away a lesson on who he’s supposed to become. He wants to honorably earn the TNA World Heavyweight Championship so he can officially burn its legacy.

We head back to the Impact Zone to see a former blood feud renewed!

Sami Callihan vs. Eddie Edwards

Both men charge towards each other. Eddie Edwards smashes Sami Callihan in the face with a pump kick. Following that, Edwards takes a sacrificial dive to the outside. Callihan ducks out of the way before Edwards can do it again. Callihan catches Edwards with a powerful suplex off the ramp. They both make their way back in the ring. Callihan taunts Edwards. Edwards lands a hard slap. Callihan seeks vengeance with another suplex, followed by a boot choke in the corner. Edwards rolls through only to be locked in a side headlock. Edwards breaks it up. Callihan slams Edwards into another corner. Edwards starts to fire back with a set of chops, a step-up enziguri, and a hurricanrana off the middle rope. Edwards offense continues with a Blue Thunder Bomb, but it’s not enough to put Callihan down.

Callihan and Edwards exchange strong style moves before Callihan pounds Edwards on the mat with a powerbomb. Callihan goes for a cover, Edwards kicks out at 2. Both men get back up and exchange chops in the center of the ring. Edwards catches Callihan with a boot following a temporary eye poke. Edwards is ready to finish the match with his Boston Knee Party, but Callihan stops him. He yells out I’m sorry. The arena goes dark, and in comes Ken Shamrock. Callihan rolls Edwards up and wins the match!

Winner: Sami Callihan

Post-Match: Shamrock puts Edwards in his signature ankle lock, foreshadowing what’s to come in their match on Saturday.

We see another promo package for Rohit Raju’s X-Division Championship defense this weekend. He will be defending it in a Six-Way Scramble against Jordynne Grace, TJP, Willie Mack, Trey Miguel and Chris Bey. All six opponents will be in action in a six-person tag, which happens to be next!

Willie Mack, Trey & TJP vs. Rohit Raju, Jordynne Grace & Chris Bey

Willie Mack and Rohit Raju start things off. Raju taunts TJP (who’s standing on the apron). Mack tags in TJP. TJP chases Raju out of the ring. Raju tags in Chris Bey. Mack crashes on top of Bey with a leg drop. Mack goes for a quick cover. Bey kicks out at 2. Bey and TJP clash briefly before Jordynne Grace makes her way into the ring. Grace slams TJP on the mat and then goes for a pinfall. TJP breaks up the near-fall at 2. TJP sends Bey off his feet with a tornado DDT. TJP tags in Trey, while Raju tags in for Bey. Chaos unfolds. Each opponent receives some time to spotlight their signature craftsmanship. It’s Trey who picks up the overall win for his team before their big match on Saturday.

Winners: Trey, TJP & Willie Mack

Coming back from the commercial break, we take a look at Rich Swann and Eric Young’s rivalry, which will come to a head this Saturday for the Impact World Championship.

Gia Miller sits down with Eric Young before his big title defense at BFG. He says that he is not the problem; it’s Swann and Scott D’Amore, who are the problem. He says that by coming back to Impact, he has taken control of his career. He warns those who are gunning for him that it’s best for them to keep their noses out of his business. Swann finds Young and charges in. Both men take their brawl outside.

We head back to the ring for the main event match of the evening!

The North (Ethan Page & Josh Alexander) vs. The Good Brothers (Doc Gallows & Karl Anderson)

Karl Anderson and Ethan Page kick things off. Both men lockup. Page pushes Anderson towards the corner. They break their hold after Anderson sends Page out of the ring. Josh Alexander and Doc Gallows make their way into the ring right before the commercial break.

Back from the break, Gallows has Alexander cornered. Gallows lays into Alexander before tagging Anderson back in. Anderson and Gallows exchange quick tags. Gallows is back in. He smashes Alexander’s jaw with a big fist. Anderson is back in again. Page joins Alexander with a series of stomps on Anderson in the corner. Alexander tags Page in. Page throws two midsection shots before Alexander comes back in. Anderson fights Alexander off of him temporarily before Alexander lands a big boot. Alexander locks Anderson’s arm. Anderson tries to fight out. Page tags himself in.

Page drops Anderson on his knee. Page goes for a cover, and Anderson kicks out at 2. Page locks Anderson up to in a side headlock. Both men get up on their feet. Page stomps on Anderson before Alexander takes his place. Alexander charges towards Anderson. Anderson puts his boot up in time to counter and lay Alexander out with a spinebuster. The Good Brothers come in to perform their Magic Killer finisher. All four men make their way in and duke it out. The referee calls for this match to end in a no contest. Following that announcement, all four teams make their way in to fight.

MCMG and The Good Brothers are the last two teams standing in the ring. Anderson extends his hand out to Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley. Shelley rejects their code of honor. It’s The Good Brothers who get the last swing on MCMG before the show concludes!

Winner: No Contest

That concludes this week’s episode. Thanks for watching! We hope you’ll enjoy Bound For Glory and its weeklong programming leading up to the biggest pay-per-view event for Impact!

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