On the latest episode of the Grilling JR Podcast, Jim Ross covered the career of The Miz. Ross mentioned how when The Miz first came to the WWE locker room, he wasn’t liked much by the other wrestlers. He told a story about how Chris Benoit kicked The Miz out of the locker room and threw his bag out behind him because of an incident that occurred.

“Chris Benoit policed his territory,” Ross said. “Benoit represented the business as best he knew at the time, but he didn’t take it to the next step and put the crossface on The Miz or beat the sh** out of him. If he beat the sh** out of him, none of the talents would’ve said anything, but nobody deserves to be physically assaulted at the workplace. The verbal thrashing? Have at it. Exile? Have at it. Physicality? Ain’t going to happen.”

Ross also mentioned how The Miz main-evented WrestleMania 27 against John Cena. He said he wasn’t the biggest fan of The Miz heading into the match but changed his mind after it was finished.

“Miz worked his ass off to become that heel,” Ross said. “He was never going to be a killer heel, he was never going to be a monster heel, but he can be an amazing chicken s**t heel. It’s kind of the same characterization to MJF in AEW, he’s going to be a chicken s–t heel for the rest of his career. He’s never going to be 6’4”, he’s never going to look like some of these big monsters. Miz has done that tenfold.

“I still wasn’t totally sold with the booking. I liked it from the standpoint that it was different and new, it let your baby face John Cena chase [the title]. I wasn’t sure what kind of match they would have, but the bottom line is they delivered. I was wrong in that regard; I gained a lot more respect for The Miz on that day.”

JR continued on to talk about the comparisons between MJF and The Miz. He also believes MJF can change the mold and, at 23, break records.

“You describe both their characters much the same way,” Ross said. “They’re not overpowering, monster heels – they’re villains by nefarious means. The thing about it is, MJF is 23 years old. If MJF can stay healthy, he’s going to set a precident and records for years to come.”

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