The Bone Street Krew was a group of WWE wrestlers backstage that consisted of members like The Undertaker, Paul Bearer, The Godfather, Savio Vega, Yokozuna and others. The reason the group was put together was because these wrestlers loved being around each other after shows and they spent tons of time together.

During the Grilling JR Podcast, Jim Ross talked about the career of Yokozuna. Ross also mentioned how BSK, which included the late, great Yokozuna, were great friends who loved hanging out all the time on the road. Ross talked about the reason BSK was formed, which centered around wanting to have people who you trust when you’re travelling on the road more than 300 days a year as a professional wrestler.

“When you’re on the road, you’re with these guys more than you are your own family,” Ross said. “You wanted people you could enjoy being around, and that entailed trust. Trust is a major issue. Being able to trust your buddies, they have your back, have a common interest, you all have the same friend — Jack Daniels. It gave you some comfort and solace on the road. I think that’s where that all came about. They all had that one common denominator, they were all legitimate good friends.”

Ross continued on to talk about BSK and the Kliq. He mentioned how BSK member the Undertaker waited at the gorilla position for Kliq member Shawn Michaels during his match with Stone Cold Steve Austin at WrestleMania XIV, just in case Michaels wasn’t willing to do business properly.

“Undertaker stood stoically by the gorilla position when Shawn Michaels was wrestling Steve Austin at WrestleMania 14,” Ross said. “Undertaker was under the belief – perhaps there might have been influenced by his group – that Shawn was not going to do business. Undertaker was not going to stand by and let that happen.

“I don’t know what that would have meant. I got a feeling when Shawn had come back to the curtain and screwed Austin, or anybody just decided to not to business with the championship, he probably got the sh** beat out of him. When Undertaker wanted to beat the sh** out of you, there’s not a whole lot you can do about it, and there’s not a lot of guys that are going to intervene and Shawn didn’t have the backup.”

Ross continued on saying Undertaker just wanted to make sure Michaels would do business with Austin. He said the championship matters to those in the locker room and to the fans watching at home, and that belt needs to remain sacred no matter what.

“Taker just wanted business to be done as it should be done, and protect the championship,” Ross said. “The championship is more than a prop; the championship is something sacred in our world. It’s sacred in the eyes of the fans.”

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