– Above is the official trailer for Cagefighter, which will be in theaters and on demand October 9, featuring AEW World Champion Jon Moxley. Five-time MMA champ Reiss Gibbons (Alex Montagnani), finds himself facing his toughest opponent when promoter Max Black (Gina Gershon) pits him against pro wrestling superstar Randy Stone (Jon Moxley). Chuck Liddell and Luke Rockhold also appear in the movie.

– Katsuyori Shibata spoke with NJPW about if he’d ever considered becoming a referee after moving away from full-time action in the ring.

“Well, I’ve never thought of refereeing after my injury,” Shibata responded. “It’s tough work in its own right, and I’m not sure I’d be up to that task. You know sumo referees traditionally carry a dagger in a belt around their waist? It’s because if they blow a call they were expected to take that sword and commit sepppuku, disembowel themselves. I’m not sure I could carry that responsibility. … It’s not just a confidence thing, I have too much respect for that position. It’s not something I’m interested in and it isn’t a choice for me. I know my dad (Katsuhisa) made that move from wrestler to referee, but that was his life, not mine. I think we already have tremendous refs doing tremendous work here.”

– Below is the updated bracket for the currently ongoing ROH Pure Title Tournament. This weekend features the final first round matches: Tracy Williams vs. Rust Taylor (winner gets Fred Yehi), PJ Black vs. Tony Deppen (winner faces Josh Woods). The other second round matches include: Jay Lethal taking on David Finlay, also Jonathan Gresham versus Matt Sydal.