Last night’s WWE RAW season premiere episode saw Keith Lee lose to Braun Strowman by pinfall. This was the main event of the episode, but not the show-closer.

The finish came after Strowman hit a low blow with his head as he tried to get up from the mat. The referee did not rule on the low blow as it appeared to be accidental. After the match, Lee attacked Strowman and delivered a low blow of his own. Lee then stood over Strowman and yelled at him, warning The Monster Among Men that he has met The Dragon.

An angry Lee spoke with McKenzie Mitchell after RAW, as seen in the video above, and made it clear that the feud with Strowman is not over. Lee was asked how it felt to stand tall over Strowman after the match was over.

“How did it… who gives a crap about how tall I stood?,” Lee asked. “Did you see what happened to me? What happened be-twitched my legs. Braun Strowman is supposed to be a monster, a monster among men. No monster takes shortcuts, no monster evades competition, no monster would run from me in such a ridiculous manner. I am pissed. That’s how I feel and I guarantee you this is far from over, and The Monster shall be set aflame by a dragon.”

Lee was called up to the main roster from WWE NXT on the post-SummerSlam edition of RAW, He and to Randy Orton that night via disqualification. Since the call-up, Lee has had 10 matches. Of those matches, Lee has just 3 clean wins – over Orton at Payback, over Dolph Ziggler the next night, over Andrade on September 28. He has 2 draws – a No Contest with WWE Champion Drew McIntyre on September 14, a Double Count Out with Strowman on October 6. Lee also has 5 losses since the call-up – the DQ loss to Orton, the loss to Orton in a Triple Threat with Seth Rollins on August 31, a DQ loss to Orton on September 7, a DQ loss to McIntyre on September 21, the loss to Strowman last night.

Stay tuned for more on the Lee vs. Strowman feud.