Mance Warner Recalls Story Of Trying To Fight Lewd Fan At Indie Show

On today's episode of The Wrestling Inc. Daily, Wrestling Inc. Managing Editor Nick Hausman sat down with the "Eye Poke God" AAW Heavyweight Champion Mance Warner. Warner is set to team up with Jake Something to take on AAW Heritage Champion Hakim Zane & Karam tonight at "AAW: Alive", and Warner gave some background as to how the match got put together.

"Well, basically me and Jake Crist went out there and found everything we could in the building and broke it and tore that motherf–ker down [and] beat the hell out of each other. I got the W," Warner recalled. "Me and him were out there. He proceeded to leave the ring, and then Hakim Zane came out there with this big old son of b–ch with him. And they got my face, and I heard the promos man. I watch everything. I pay attention. They did a promo where he basically said that he'd been around before Mancer.

"He was around Mancer when I was just breaking in and everything, and that's all true, but at the end of the day, my f–king mailman has known me longer than he has, so who gives a f–k? You may have known me when I broke in, but that don't mean s–t. I'll still whoop your ass. He did his promo. He was talking some s–t, and then they proceeded to jump on me out there after I was already bloodied, beat down after we fought for about 20 minutes out there breaking all this s–t. Jake Something ran in there. He cleared house."

Warner continued hyping up the match noting that he and Something will go "Halloween Havoc style" in the match. He noted that the AAW locker room is always trying to one-up each other, and he teased that will lead to a great main event.

"So now we have an old-school tag team match. It's coming up on Halloween time," Warner noted. "You know I'm gonna break out some some f–king pumpkins and some s–t out there. I'm gonna get wild. Halloween Havoc style. Can I say that? Will I get sued for saying Halloween Havoc? Don't show Vince Jr. man. He'll get mad at me. We got a tag team match coming up. Like I said before, that whole locker room's built off–first match goes on, if they bring it, well, we gonna do better. So now imagine when we get to the main event, everybody's bringing it. We going out to beat the hell out of each other.

"I'm excited for it. I like when people talk s–t. It gives me a reason to punch them harder. It's Thursday on FITE TV. It's $12.99. It's gonna be good s–t out there man. We're back at it. We're getting some in there. It's all on FITE TV. I know if you go to IWTV, they got some AAW programs on there as well, some events on there y'all can watch to get caught up, and AAW's got a streaming service as well. So we got all kinds of s–t going on out there."

Warner also discussed The Second Gear Crew and how it began. The group is comprised of Warner, Effy, AJ Gray, Eddie Kingston, 1 Called Manders, Matthew Justice and Allie Kat, and Warner explained how it started off as something fun for Nick Gage and Kingston.

"Well, the way it all went down was me and Matthew Justice, he's insane, he's a crazy man, I'm insane too–if I'm calling somebody insane, you know they're insane, so me and him went out and had this match," Warner recalled. "Right before that matchup, before that fight, I had done another fight and me and this guy beat the hell out of each other, and at one point the fella asked me, 'hey, man, did I do something wrong out there?' And I said, 'no baby. We're just going to the second gear.' Nick Gage heard that and got a pop out of it, but Eddie Kingston then heard the story.

"So then Eddie Kingston went out before the GCW show and got on the live mic and told everybody, 'hey when Mancer comes out here, chant second gear at him.' I had no idea. I was out back drinking beers. I didn't know. So it was like a running joke, and then I go out to the ring and then the crowds chanting 'second gear'. And you can see the picture. I'm smiling like a motherf–ker laughing because I thought it was just hilarious, but the Second Gear Crew basically was me, Eddie Kingston and Justice. And then AJ Gray got in and then Effy got in and then Steve Manders got in.

"Old Manders, he's nuts. That motherf–ker, him and Justice, they did a DVD off the top of a big-ass f–king scaffold at AAW through, not a regular table man, they found one of them God damn plastic tables that hurt more than anything. So basically, at the end of the day man, it's a group of a bunch of mad men who on the road, we get along, we party together, we go to all the shows together [and] if s–t goes down, we got each other's back. It's like you're going into war, and you want people in the trenches with you that you know ain't gonna sell you and aren't going to f–k you over. It kind of goes back to that old school wrestling."

Warner said there wasn't one specific story that stood out for him about The Second Gear Crew, but he recalled the SGC coming together and almost fighting a fan over a fan's derogatory comment made towards Kat. Like Effy pointed out in his appearance on The Wrestling Inc. Daily, Warner noted that this group is not just a faction but a lifestyle that they are committed to, that the crowd has latched on to.

"It's one of them things where I couldn't pinpoint one story," Warner admitted. "When me and Allie Kat had that match at GCW, there was a guy in the crowd who yelled outside. He yelled out something some derogatory bulls–t at Allie Kat, and I got pissed off. So I hit the crowd, and I was going to fight this motherf–ker. And then I look over and the only guys running out were the SGC fellas.

"It's that thing where if s–t goes down, those are the guys that always got your back. They ain't gonna lie to. They ain't gonna bulls–t you. Because we don't really go out there and push it down anyone's throat. People just kind of know when they see it. They go, 'oh, them boys all go together.' That big ass pop we got out at The Collective, when we all came out against Ohio cats out there at the GCW show.

"It's like the crowd starts to catch on. We ain't playing a character. We are who we are. We're not gonna lie to you. We're going to go out here and beat the f–k out of people, and then we're going to be at the bar drinking with y'all and then when y'all go back to your room, we're still going to be drinking back at our room. We ain't gonna go to bed and then go make the next show. We ain't trying to bury nobody. We're not trying to f–k nobody over."

Many members of SGC are outspoken about LGBTQ and race issues. Warner discussed if SGC being a progressive entity has helped influence the crowd in any way.

"I think it's one of those things where at the core of the group, we're all just good people," Warner stated. "We ain't gonna judge nobody. We ain't s–theads. So if we see something that we think is bulls–t, we're going to say it's bulls–t. What are you going to do? Take us off a booking? Who gives a f–k? We'll find another booking."

Hausman also asked Warner what it is like to watch the indie scene change after the #SpeakingOut movement. Warner discussed how he tries to make the locker room better and how great the AAW locker room is.

"I guess at the end of the day, it's one of the things where there ain't as many shows like their shows running now... so when s–t is running, I'm always with my boys. We're always sitting back here bulls–tting," Warner said. "I'm one of them people that I try not to get too wrapped up in whatever is going on out there, over here or whatever's going on right here. Whatever company I'm working, whoever I'm with, let's make this the best. Let's make this locker room the best. Let's all of us get a little bit better and keep it going. AAW, the same thing.

"At the last show we did out there, me and Justice were sent back. It was me, Justice [and] Manders, and we're sitting back here talking to Air Wolf and a bunch of other people back there. And we all kind of had the same comment to where the locker room is f–king awesome. Companies change over the years. There's always different people coming in, different things going on, different kind of blueprint of what we're working towards, and right now, AAW, I kind of sit around, I look around and I go everyone's invested in making the company the best thing we can make it.

"Everyone's busting ass. We got a lot of young people out there. I haven't been wrestling for 20 years. I think I just came up on five, but everyone back there, Jake Crist, he's f–king awesome. He's been around for a long time. Matthew Justice, that motherf–ker was in WWE, and one day just decided I don't want to be here no more, and then he then he went did his own thing on the indies. The whole locker room's cool. There's good energy. People working to try to get each other to the next level."

AAW Heavyweight Champion Mance Warner teams with Jake Something to take on AAW Heritage Champion Hakim Zane & Karam tonight on as part of "AAW: Alive". Mance's full interview aired as part of a recent episode of our podcast, The Wrestling Inc. Daily. Subscribe to get the latest episodes as soon as it's released Monday – Friday afternoon by clicking here.