Former WWE Intercontinental Champion Marty Jannetty was apparently assaulted in New York City this week.

Jannetty took to Facebook this afternoon and posted about how “they” jumped him while he was waiting at JFK airport to fly back home. He also said he was taken to the Jamaica Medical Center in Queens. Jannetty indicated that a doctor told him that he was a victim of a case of mistaken identity.

He wrote, “Dude, where is my phone?..NYC, they jumped me and took me to the hospital(Jamaica Medical Center) I was in front of JFK airport trying to go home..they jumped me from behind..I locked one of them up((arms stiff waving at heaven) when you in NYC and get jumped from behind, you probably getting robbed…the Dr apologized, said mistaken identity..I liked him, was very nice to boiy Nicholas Masci came back and got me to the airport..but..dude where’s my phone??

“PS- why Breanna Taylor got all that attention on mistaken identity?? I got it because I’m white???”

Stay tuned for updates on Jannetty and his latest crazy social media story. You can see his full Facebook post below: