AEW star MJF engaged with fans on Friday night through a Q&A session on Twitter. When asked to name his dream opponent outside the AEW roster, MJF said, “Betterthanyou vs #BayBay,” implying that he would love to lock horns with NXT’s Adam Cole.

It was the third of five questions that MJF fielded from fans. Another fan asked him if he’s joining the Inner Circle stable, to which he said, “Idk do you want me to join the inner circle?”

When a fan asked if she too could also get a jacket, MJF said he still has to get Sami Guevara one after handing out jackets to the rest of the Inner Circle on AEW Dynamite.

“No. Plus I’m still trying to find sammys. Poor little guy is probably somewhere freezing cold right now,” tweeted MJF.

Prior to the session, MJF made it clear that he would answer only five questions from those who use the hashtag #imabigdumbmark.

Interestingly, MJF deleted the tweet about wanting to face Cole, a screengrab of which can be seen below.