SmackDown Tag Team Champion Montez Ford of The Street Profits recently spoke with Stuart Osborne of and said he and Angelo Dawkins are looking forward to new competition on the blue brand.

“We love getting in there with different (wrestling) styles and just seeing how we need to adapt, overcome, and come out on top,” Ford said of their new home on Friday nights. “It’s always exciting to get out there with new competitors…it’s like you got all these ingredients and you just throw them all in the pot and see how it turns out.”

He added, “It’s very refreshing for us to start something and put our mark on Friday nights.”

The 2020 WWE Draft also saw Ford’s wife Bianca Belair get drafted to SmackDown. Ford was asked about working with his wife and he said he loves it.

“We go through the same experiences…it’s cool that we’re actually there together to celebrate it with each other,” he said of working with Belair.

Ford also revealed what their signature catchphrase means – we want the smoke!

“We’re always saying, ‘We want the smoke!’, and [that] is an acronym for just like, hey, whatever’s coming our way that day, you know, whatever… a test, exam, or job interview, or something that’s like a task, it’s like, you know… we want the smoke. Just bring it, whatever you got, world. Whatever you got, just throw it this way, throw it this way,” Ford explained.

The Street Profits are scheduled to face RAW Tag Team Champions Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods of The New Day in a non-title champions vs. champions match at the WWE Survivor Series pay-per-view on November 22.