There’s been a lot of social media talk about how Mustafa Ali did not appear on last night’s WWE Draft edition of RAW to address his reveal as the Retribution leader. WWE had announced the segment over the weekend, and was still advertising it as late as Monday morning.

There’s no word yet on why Ali did not appear, but it was noted during a segment with The Hurt Business that Retribution was not at RAW last night.

Ali took to Twitter this afternoon and responded to a fan tweet on how his segment was pulled from the show after being advertised.

He wrote, “Do you not like it when something is promised and then taken away with no explanation? Funny feeling, isn’t it?”

Ali made another tweet today about how fans will have to wait to hear his truth.

“I’ve waited years to speak my truth. Now, you are going to wait to hear it,” he wrote. “Until then, a reminder: #RETRIBUTION @TBARRetribution @SlapJackRTRBTN @ReckoningRTRBTN @RETRIBUTIONMACE

In other news on Retribution, we’ve noted how there’s been speculation on Mercedes Martinez being nixed from the group. It was reported last week, via PWInsider, that she was no longer using the “Retaliation” name as she was being sent back to WWE NXT for unknown reasons. That plan was seemingly confirmed during last night’s RAW when Retribution was officially drafted to the red brand. The graphic for the Draft pick, seen below, only featured Ali, T-BAR, Mace, Slapjack and Reckoning.

There is no word yet on why Martinez was pulled from the group, or if WWE plans to add another sixth member, but stay tuned as we will keep you updated.

You can see Ali’s related tweets below, along with two more of his post-Draft posts:

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