This past Monday was an eventful for Natalya. The daughter of Jim 'The Anvil' Neidhart ended her partnership with Lana, was drafted to Friday Night SmackDown, and lost a tooth in the dual-brand battle royal. Speaking on Table Talk w/ DVon, the former SmackDown Women's Champion shared that this is not the first dental injury she's suffered inside the squared circle.

"This is the second time in a wrestling match that I've lost a tooth," Natalya said. "I lost my front teeth a few years ago upon some impact in the ring maybe three, four years ago. I was in Las Vegas. Had to get those fixed at an emergency dentist at midnight. It was quite fun."

Monday's injury occurred when newly red-branded superstar Lacey Evans landed a stiff strike to Natalya's mouth. According to Natalya, she has no ill-will towards the Sassy Southern Belle.

"This past week on Monday Night RAW, I got kicked in the mouth by [Lacey Evans], and do you know what's funny? Because people were asking me, 'Are you mad at Lacey [Evans]?' and the truth of the matter is, is no, because it's wrestling.

"It is not a ballet. It's really, really--I mean, ballet is tough too, but it's hard as hell and when we get in there, it's go time and the girls don't play. I think sometimes, I think sometimes, the girls hit harder than the guys and Lacey's a big girl. She's a strong girl, she's a bada-- and she booted me. She booted me in the tooth and fractured my tooth and it was gone. So, I got backstage and I was like, 'Oh my God! I lost a tooth!'"

Outside the ring, Natalya has been a mainstay of hit reality show Total Divas. She has been a leading cast member on the show for all nine seasons. When asked if she has any pans to appear on this season of spin-off Total Bellas, Natalya says she is going to sit this one out.

"This season, no," Natalya said. "I think the twins have been very smart about--just especially with the new babies and everything and their mom has been going through a lot with her. She had a tumor removed from her brain and so, I think that for them, they're being very careful about just keeping it a really small group, which is smart. I mean, again, with the pandemic, everybody has to be so smart, including us at WWE. As DVon knows, the testing is so strict and only a few people could enter the building at work and so, I would absolutely love to make cameo on Total Bellas, but I do understand that they're keeping it a very tight ship as far as people."

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Mehdy Labriny contributed to this article.