Paul Heyman recently spoke with Alistair McGeorge of MetroUK and said his partnership with WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns has been in the works for several years, going back to The Shield’s WWE debut.

“Now if you review how Roman Reigns debuted on the main roster, it was just about 8 years ago to the day where Roman Reigns debuted as part of The Shield, and The Shield was brought in by Paul Heyman to protect the title reign of the then champion CM Punk,” Heyman said. “So this has been in the works ever since Roman Reigns debuted on the main roster and I would dare say this has been in the works since the day Roman Reigns was born.

“So, what do I like about it? Every single solitary thing about it, I like. How long has it been in the works? Really since the beginning of time, as Roman Reigns knows it to be.”

Heyman also addressed Sunday’s “I Quit” Hell In a Cell match between Reigns and cousin Jey Uso, and why fans should tune in.

“It’s a very simple equation,” Heyman said. “You either tune-in to Hell in a Cell and you witness the greatness of the most talked about commodity in sports entertainment today, Roman Reigns, or you will be left out of the conversation and feeling like you missed something special ? because you will ? if you don’t watch Hell In a Cell.

“One man has to forfeit his claim to be better than the other. One man has to forfeit his goals of being the single biggest star in WWE, the Universal Champion. One man has to forfeit his privilege of even attempting to claim to be the head of the family. So there is a lot on the line, it’s not just the Universal Title.”

He continued, “It’s the head of the family, it’s the pride, it’s the generations and generations beforehand and the generations and generations to come that will look upon the winner of this match as the defined, definitive, authentic head of the family. It’s a family that I would dare say is the most star-driven family in the history of sports entertainment.”

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