Ridge Holland suffered a leg or knee injury during tonight’s WWE NXT episode.

Tonight’s show saw Holland defeat Danny Burch in singles action. After the match, Holland and Burch got into it again until Oney Lorcan made the save. Holland and Lorcan brawled back & forth until Lorcan hit a big dive from the ring to the floor. Holland caught Lorcan off the dive but it looked like his knee blew out. The dreaded “X” symbol was thrown up and officials tended to Holland while Lorcan returned to the ring to check on Burch.

After the commercial break, the announcers played up the seriousness of the situation as Holland was loaded onto a stretcher and taken out of the Capitol Wrestling Center. Vic Joseph talked about how it’s never good to see a wrestler get injured, while Wade Barrett mentioned how Holland will have a world class medical staff taking care of him.

Holland was just beginning a push on the main NXT brand after recently coming over from NXT UK. He began a feud with Adam Cole at Sunday’s “Takeover: 31” event and furthered that storyline on tonight’s show by indicating that someone paid him to attack Cole at Takeover. Cole appeared in an earlier backstage segment and warned Holland that he will pay for what happened at Takeover.

Holland did give a thumbs up as he was stretchered out, but there’s no word yet on the severity of his injury. Stay tuned as we will keep you updated. Below are a few shots from tonight’s match and post-match angle on NXT TV: