WWE NXT Producer “Road Dogg” Jesse James has announced that he is quitting Twitter.

“This is a message to all the people that have helped me along the way and maybe a few I’ve helped; I’m signing off of @Twitter it has been really great interacting with you all. #HOPE #SOBRIETY #SERENITY #OUDK #THANKUGOD #POSITIVITY,” Road Dogg tweeted on Tuesday.

Earlier in the week, Road Dogg engaged in a Twitter argument with furloughed WWE producer Shane Helms, aka The Hurricane. Road Dogg and Helms went back-and-forth over the subject of wearing masks as a preventive measure during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In his initial tweet, Road Dogg was agreeing with a fan on Twitter, who noted how certain people from “The Left” were pushing fear into the masses and that people could contract the virus even while wearing a mask.

“That’s common sense Jay and it’s rare these days. But they think we’re crazy too. Social media isn’t helping that’s for sure,” he tweeted.

Helms replied to the tweet from Road Dogg by stating, “People get killed wearing seatbelts too. But wearing one still increases your odds of not dying. See how that works? That’s common sense.”

When Road Dogg “agreed to disagree” with The Hurricane, Helms responded with, “Yeah, I’ll agree that you don’t understand how odds or statistics work and I’ll disagree that you have a clue about what common sense is.”

Road Dogg said Helms wasn’t being tolerant for someone who claims to be “woke,” to which Helms replied with, “Never claimed to be woke, never had to. And tolerance of ignorance doesn’t help anyone. People’s lives are at stake, maybe you should try to “wake up” if that makes you feel edgier.”

Check out their entire Twitter interaction below:

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