A video package is shown highlighting the ROH Pure Championship Tournament prior to the usual ROH signature video package.

Quinn McKay checks in backstage and recaps David Finlay defeating Rocky Romero and Matt Sydal defeating Delirious to advance in the ROH Pure Championship Tournament last week.

A video package is shown on Fred Yehi and Silas Young.

Fred Yehi and Silas Young make their entrances. 

ROH Pure Championship Tournament Block A – Round 1 Match: Fred Yehi vs. Silas Young

They lock up. Young backs Yehi to the corner. Young slaps Yehi. Yehi kicks and chops Young. Yehi sends Young to the ropes. Yehi connects with a back elbow to Young. Yehi eventually hits a German Suplex on Young. Yehi chops Young. Yehi hits a Cannonball on Young in the corner. Yehi goes for a Suplex, Young reverses it into a Suplex of his own. Young sets Yehi on the top turnbuckle before chopping him. Young hits a Superplex on Yehi.

Young connects with a knee to the face of Yehi. Young hits a neck-breaker on Yehi. Yehi rolls Young up for a two count. Yehi ducks Young’s punches before connecting with a forearm. Yehi hits a Shining Wizard on Young. Young goes for a Moonsault, Yehi gets out of the way as Yoong lands on his feet. Yehi stomps on the foot of Young before sweeping his leg. Yehi drops an elbow on Young. Yehi rolls Young up for the three count to advance in the tournament.

Winner: Fed Yehi

A video package is shown on Josh Woods and Kenny King.

Josh Woods and Kenny King make their entrances. 

ROH Pure Championship Tournament Block B – Round 1 Match: Josh Woods vs. Kenny King

They lock up. Woods briefly locks in a waist lock on King. King takes Woods to the mat with a single leg takedown. Later in the match, King drives his shoulder into Woods several times in the corner. King chops Woods. Woods slaps the chest of King. Woods chops King in the corner. Woods sends King to the opposite corner. Woods attempts to send King to the corner again, King turns it into a roll up attempt. Woods rolls backward to get out of it. Woods runs towards King, King catches Woods with a Single Leg Crab. The fifteen minute time limit expires to force a Judge’s Decision.

Winner Via Judges’ Decision: Josh Woods

They hype next week’s show as this one comes to a close.