Seth Rollins is now officially a member of Friday Night SmackDown after being drafted by the blue brand in the first round of the WWE Draft. As a result, he is now forced to give up his self-proclaimed moniker of The Monday Night Messiah, which he introduced after turning heel last December on Raw.

In a backstage interview with the WWE Network, Rollins revealed that he would be going by the nickname of SmackDown’s Savior going forward.

“I’d like to introduce myself as Seth Rollins, former Monday Night Messiah, and now, SmackDown’s Savior,” said Rollins.

When asked if he felt overlooked to drop to SmackDown’s second pick [and fourth pick overall] in the 2020 WWE Draft, a year after being selected No. 1 overall by Raw, Rollins said where he goes in the draft is insignificant.

“The numbers don’t matter to me. It’s very natural for the champions [Drew McIntyre and Roman Reigns] to go off the board first.

“But who is the first behind them? And who is the first to change brands? Who is going to be the most talked about pick of this draft? I think I’ve answered all those questions,” added Rollins.

Rollins also said fans can expect “more of the same” from him on SmackDown and that he is not done spreading his message and working toward the greater good.

Earlier on SmackDown, Rollins told Kayla Braxton backstage that after spending his entire career as a Raw superstar, he is thrilled to be finally making the jump to SmackDown. “I’ve got a new path to carve and many trails to blaze. It’s exciting,” he said.

Interestingly, Rey Mysterio and Dominik Mysterio, who are presently in a feud with Rollins, were also drafted by the blue brand on Friday. As noted earlier, Murphy went undrafted, which means he is now a free agent and has the right to sign with the brand of his choosing.