T-BAR Says "No WWE Superstar Is Safe," Bray Wyatt Responds

Retribution's T-BAR gave a warning to the WWE roster that nobody is safe and are all dead. Bray Wyatt responded to the warning.

T-BAR tweeted, "No @WWE Superstar is safe. You're all dead. #RETRIBUTION"

Bray Wyatt responded to the tweet after a fan tagged him.

Wyatt replied, "I'm already dead."

T-BAR replied back to The Fiend, with a photo of Alexa Bliss and the question, "Is she?"

Alexa Bliss answered the question for Bray. She wrote, "Dare ya to find out. #LetHimIn"

As noted, WWE announced that on this week's RAW season premiere episode, Bray Wyatt will be hosting a new edition of The Firefly Fun House.

Below you can see their interaction: