As noted, The Miz defeated Otis at last night’s WWE Hell In a Cell pay-per-view to win possession of the Money In the Bank briefcase, which contains the MITB title shot. Miz, who won with an assist from Tucker after he turned heel on Otis, later cut a post-match promo and put WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns and new WWE Champion Randy Orton on notice.

Above is post-show footage where Miz, a current RAW Superstar, named Reigns and Orton.

“This contract now is in the hands of a person that will utilize everything this allows,” Miz said. “This allows me anytime, anywhere, to go after the WWE Champion or go after the Universal Champion. SmackDown, RAW, it doesn’t matter. Pay-per-view, anywhere, anytime.”

Miz and John Morrison then talked about being shocked by Tucker’s heel turn on Otis, and the uncertainty of the pro wrestling world. Morrison said the uncertainty is what makes this business great. Miz recalled how he cashed in his first Money In the Bank briefcase to capture the WWE Title from Orton back on the November 22, 2010 RAW episode, which also took place from the Amway Center in Orlando.

“Do you know why I was destined to win tonight? Do you know where we are?,” Miz asked. “This is the Amway Center. This is where I cashed in my first Money In the Bank and defeated Randy Orton. I remember walking down the halls after beating Randy Orton and winning my first WWE Championship, everyone clapping for me, everyone patting me on the back, saying, ‘You know, you did it, great job, you’re the next guy.'”

Miz ended the video with a cash-in teaser for RAW.

“Who knows where we’ll cash in, could be tomorrow on Monday Night RAW,” he said.

Miz also took to social media after Hell In a Cell and teased cashing in for the WWE Title.

“#AndNew Mr. Money in the Bank! When I say I’m going to do something – I DO IT!!!! Just remember, history has a way of repeating itself, and so far, step 1 is complete. You know what’s next…,” he wrote on Instagram.

He then re-tweeted a photo of Orton after his WWE Title win over Drew McIntyre in the Hell In a Cell main event, and included photos from the aforementioned cash-in from 2010.

“New @WWE Champion, huh? #HIAC,” he captioned the photos with.

Stay tuned for possible cash-in plans for The Miz, and remember to join us for live RAW coverage at 8pm ET later tonight.