WWE Champion Drew McIntyre has issued a warning to WWE NXT announcer Wade Barrett.

Barrett recently spoke to BT Sport, as seen in the clip below, and recalled how he used to bully McIntyre years ago when they lived together. Barrett, who has been away from in-ring action for a few years now, continued and talked about how he can dominate McIntyre in the ring, any time he wants to.

“I think it’s a very easy story to tell, just based on our history,” Barrett said. “I know him just as well as anybody. I’ve probably beaten him up away from the wrestling scene, or away from the cameras, when we used to live together. I basically used to bully him every night. I used to kick the hell out of him, pour cans of beans over his head, stuff like that. He’d be in the corner crying, sobbing away, begging for mercy. So he knows that as a man, I can destroy him at any time that I wanted.

“I know there’s probably a whole host of people in the wrestling world who are terrified of Drew McIntyre. He’s big, he’s strong, he’s tough, and look what he did to Brock Lesnar. This man is a tough, tough man, but the truth is, he knows I can batter him, and humiliate him. So, whenever I feel like I’m ready, it isn’t a question of Drew McIntyre calling me out. Whenever I’m ready I can just step in the ring and take whatever I want from him. He knows that, he’s aware of it, but one day perhaps the world might see it.”

McIntyre responded on Twitter this week and warned Barrett, referring to him as a grandpa.

“Stay behind your desk grandpa, your stand-in has a better chance than you do,” McIntyre tweeted.

McIntyre was apparently referring to how indie wrestlers were used as stand-ins for Barrett and WWE Hall of Famer Beth Phoenix at the announce table for “Takeover: 31” earlier this month. Vic Joseph was in the arena live but Barrett and Phoenix called the action remotely due to COVID-19 concerns. The extra who stood-in for Barrett was indie wrestler Kai Douglas, as we noted before at this link.

The WWE website covered the exchange and pointed to how there is a deep-rooted history between the two as they held the FCW Tag Team Titles together while in WWE developmental.

You can see a clip from Barrett’s interview below, along with the response from McIntyre:

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