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Intro song. (Hail the Crown)

Vic Joseph and British wrestling legend Nigel McGuinness welcome us to another edition of 205 Live from the Capitol Wrestling Center in Orlando Florida. The Brian Kendrick makes his way to the ring for our opening contest. He’ll be taking on Mansoor, who is out second showing off his clean-shaven face.

Brian Kendrick versus Mansoor

Tie-up. Kendrick snags a headlock to start things off. Mansoor wrestles him to the ground but Kendrick refuses to let go. Mansoor tries bouncing him off the ropes…still doesn’t work. He eventually creates enough separation, then traps Kendrick in a headlock of his own. The tension builds up between both men and they start shoving each other. Kendrick lands the first strike with a kick to the gut. Back suplex attempt…Mansoor lands on his feet. He takes Kendrick down with an impressive rope-spinning arm-drag. Dropkick and middle-rope bulldog by Mansoor for the nearfall. Kendrick dumps Mansoor to the apron…he goes for a springboard stunner but Kendrick has it scouted and boots him in the back.

Now in control…Kendrick boots Mansoor in the face and targets the neck for his Bully Choke finisher. Mansoor fires back with an elbow…back and forth striking…Kendrick slows the pace by picking the leg and applying a hammerlock. Mansoor gets to his feet…arm-drag sends Kendrick flying. Kendrick comes right back with a running elbow to keep Mansoor down. He boots him in the face again. This angers Mansoor, who rises to his feet and drops Kendrick with a boot of his own. A huge flurry by Mansoor…he hits a flying lariat, followed by a big spinebuster. Vertical suplex by Mansoor, another one. He goes for a third but switches to a falcon arrow with pin…only two. Mansoor to the top…moonsault misses. Kendrick with a boot attempt…Mansoor counters it into a sit-out powerbomb…another two count. Kendrick falls out of an electric chair position and connects with a neckbreaker/facecrusher combo. He immediately goes for the Bully Choke…Mansoor battles out. He goes for a powerbomb…Kendrick reverses with a frankensteiner. Both men on top…butterfly-superplex from Kendrick. He stacks the pin…Mansoor turns it into a cradle…got em!

Mansoor wins by pinfall

As Mansoor gets his hand raised by the referee…Kendrick remains in the ring. They stare at each other for a moment…Kendrick shakes his hand out of respect. This takes us to our first commercial.

Preview for Sunday’s Hell in a Cell PPV. The Randy Orton and Drew McIntyre WWE title match is the main feature.

Joseph and McGuinness talk about the return of Jordan Devlin to NXT UK, who has been missing from action due to travel restrictions from COVID-19. A vignette plays where Devlin calls himself the true Cruiserweight champion, as he never lost the title that Santos Escobar now holds.

Footage of the insane six-man tag match between Legado Del Fantasma and Swerve Scott, Ashante Adonis, and Jake Atlas from Wednesday’s NXT plays.

Next out is The Bollywood Boyz! They dance to the ring as the limited fans in attendance give them a standing ovation. They go on over to the commentary desk where McGuinness dances with them. They make a quick speech about how excited they are to be back, and promise to make the division the entertaining spectacle it used to be.

Cut to the social exclusive promo by Curt Stallion, who is looking to prove something in the program’s main event against Tony Nese. Nese makes his way to the ring first, pointing out each of his abs as he confidently walks the aisle. Stallion is out second. Here we go.

Tony Nese versus Curt Stallion

As soon as the bell rings Ariya Daivari makes his way to ringside to join the commentary booth. Nese takes advantage of the distraction and nails Stallion from behind. Stallion fires back with a huge discus elbow, then drops Nese with a elevated neckbreaker. He climbs to the top but Nese sweeps his leg. He nails Stallion with a running boot, then catches Stallion in a Samoan drop. Running boot to the face. Nese with a rear chinlock. Stallion breaks free with a jawbreaker. Nese answers by dropping Stallion throat first over the ropes, followed by his springboard moonsault. Bodyscissor applied by Nese. He puts Stallion in a torture rack…Stallion drives elbows into Nese’s face but he still won’t let go. Finally Stallion gains position behind Nese and sends him flying with a German suplex.

Stallion comes from the other side of the ring with a boot, yanks Nese up into a DDT. Stallion climbs to the top…Nese slides to the outside but Stallion dives onto him. He throws Nese back into the ring…Daivari talks some trash to Stallion…Stallion rocks him with a headbutt. As he’s getting back into the ring Nese lands the Running Nese for the victory.

Tony Nese wins by pinfall

After the bell Daivari runs in to try and attack Stallion, but Nese holds him back and talks him out of it. They walk out together as Stallion lays on the mat.

That’s the show friends.

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