WWE Hell In A Cell 2020 Preview & Predictions

The twelfth annual Hell In A Cell event takes place this Sunday, October 25th at 7pm ET (6pm Kickoff Show) on the WWE Network broadcasting live from the WWE ThunderDome. Hell In A Cell has felt thrown together the past two years because it has immediately followed the WWE Draft. Last year, only four of the eight matches on the card were announced as of publishing time and this year there are only six announced matches as of publishing time. There will be three Hell In A Cell matches on this card with Roman Reigns & Jey Uso's match getting the added stipulation of being an "I Quit" match. This will be the first "I Quit" Hell In A Cell match.

There will be more matches announced to fill out the card but it is unknown what they could be. The feuds that have been on recent programming but don't have a match on the card include Keith Lee and Braun Strowman, whose match on RAW this past week ended with a low blow from Strowman. AJ Styles debuted Jordan Omogbehin as his new bodyguard and The Hurt Business has been feuding with Retribution and could have a match on this card as well. Big E is someone that has been featured prominently recently and is also not on the card. Daniel Bryan mentioned on Talking Smack that this is his last run as a full-time WWE Superstar, it's possible he'll pop up on the card in a match with a younger Superstar.

Below is a preview of each announced match on the card with predictions based on recent booking. Share which matches you're most looking forward to in the comments.

Drew McIntyre (c) vs. Randy Orton

Drew McIntyre is coming up on a full year of wrestling without a singles loss going into this match and Randy Orton is looking to finally end this feud and capture the WWE Championship for the tenth time. McIntyre has had Orton's number throughout the feud with victories at SummerSlam & Clash Of Champions. McIntyre caught Orton with a backslide at SummerSlam and had the help of WWE legends to win their Ambulance Match at Clash. Orton returned to get revenge on Flair, Michaels, & Big Show sending the message to McIntyre that he's going to have to put Orton away for good if he expects to move on from this feud. Orton & McIntyre have amazing chemistry together and this match will give them an opportunity to blow off this feud in an epic fashion.

Orton has been performing his role excellently as he brings out more of Drew McIntyre's edge as champion. McIntyre has worked hard to establish himself as WWE Champion and his feud with Orton has been a bright spot on a lackluster RAW. McIntyre will continue to be WWE Champion for the rest of 2020 but Sheamus and The Fiend are interesting options to feud with McIntyre as Orton slides back into a program with Edge when he returns from injury.

Drew McIntyre via pinfall

Roman Reigns (c) with Paul Heyman vs. Jey Uso

We all know that Jey Uso isn't winning this match but we're back here again because Jey has been delivering the performance of his career in this feud. The Usos were amazing in their Hell In A Cell match with The New Day three years ago and now Jey returns to the cell for this title opportunity. This feud is doing an excellent job of elevating Roman as an evil unstoppable force while establishing Jey as a viable singles competitor. Jimmy has returned to television and will likely be present on the outside and somehow get involved in the match, but his efforts will not be enough to defeat Roman Reigns. Roman and Jey are going to beat the hell out of each other but Roman will get Jey to quit and acknowledge Roman as the tribal chief.

Roman Reigns via submission

Bayley (c) vs. Sasha Banks

Bayley's run as SmackDown Women's Champion has been her best work yet. It's been a tremendous year for Bayley & Sasha and it's finally time for Sasha Banks to take the SmackDown Women's Championship off of Bayley. Banks will be appearing on the new season of The Mandalorian on Disney+ and is poised to be the top female star of SmackDown for the foreseeable future. Bayley attacked Banks with a steel chair after they failed to regain the Women's Tag Team Championships and attacked her with a steel chair once again before Sasha attacked Bayley at Clash Of Champions.

Bayley has continuously avoided and escaped Sasha Banks but she won't be able to do that in the cell. This match will employ the use of steel chairs liberally as they've been heavily featured in the build to this match. Look for Sasha to apply the Banks Statement to pick up a decisive victory over her former best friend and greatest rival.

Sasha Banks via submission

Jeff Hardy vs. Elias

After a five month absence, Elias has returned to get revenge on Jeff Hardy for allegedly running him over with his car. Elias is also out to promote his upcoming album release "Universal Truth". Both men have recently been drafted to RAW and have attacked one another over the past two weeks leading up to this match. Hardy has had a difficult time getting back on track after losing the Intercontinental Championship at Clash Of Champions in an epic triple threat ladder match. It really feels like this feud is going to continue after this match. Hardy needs the win more than Elias does but expect Elias to attack Hardy on RAW once again to escalate their feud.

Jeff Hardy via pinfall

Winner gets Money In The Bank Briefcase
The Miz vs. Otis

The Miz has been trying to pry away the Money In the Bank Briefcase from Otis for over a month now and after "Law and Otis" on last night's SmackDown, The Miz will finally get his chance. Otis has had his momentum stall over the past couple of months but WWE is confident enough in him as a singles star that they separated Otis from his tag team partner, Tucker Knight, in the draft. The Money In The Bank briefcase is much more suited for a heel and The Miz is exactly the kind of person that would be perfect for the briefcase. The Miz has recently been drafted to RAW and Drew McIntyre is much more likely to be vulnerable to The Miz than the new Roman Reigns. Hopefully Otis can get back on track after this, but this will be a big loss for him.

The Miz via pinfall