The first-ever Heritage Cup Tournament kicked off today during today’s WWE NXT UK episode on the WWE Network.

The 8th and final tournament spot was picked up by Kenny Williams. He won a Triple Threat over his tag team partner Amir Jordan and Ashton Smith to earn the last spot.

The opening match of the tournament saw Noam Dar defeat Alexander Wolfe, 2 falls to 1. Pete Dunne was the special guest referee.

Dar landed the second fall after Dunne had words with him over his cheating. After the match, Dunne refused to raise Dar’s hand in victory. Dar ended up leaving, and Wolfe then had words with Dunne, blaming him for the finish. Wolfe tried to attack Dunne but Dunne got the upperhand until NXT UK Champion WALTER made his way out. Dunne and WALTER had words, allowing Wolfe to attack Dunne from behind. WALTER attacked Dunne and then #1 contender Ilja Dragunov made the save. Dunne and Dragunov ended up clearing the ring of Imperium, and then standing tall together. NXT UK went off the air with the two sides facing off with the heels on the stage and the babyfaces in the ring, to potentially set up a future tag team match.

The tournament will continue next Thursday with A-Kid vs. Flash Morgan Webster in a first round match. The following matches have been confirmed for the tournament brackets:

* Noam Dar vs. Alexander Wolfe
* A-Kid vs. Flash Morgan Webster
* Dave Mastiff vs. Joseph Conners
* Trent Seven vs. Kenny Williams

* Noam Dar vs. A-Kid or Flash Morgan Webster
* Dave Mastiff or Joseph Conners vs. Trent Seven or Kenny Williams

* Noam Dar or A-Kid or Flash Morgan Webster vs. Dave Mastiff or Joseph Conners or Trent Seven or Kenny Williams

In other news from this week’s NXT UK episode, Jinny defeated Xia Brookside by submission. Jinny cut a post-match promo and said she’s ruthless and is now the Queen of NXT UK, and the people will witness the new Jinny. WWE also continued the new storyline with Eddie Dennis and Pretty Deadly, with Dennis cutting a promo on how he aligned with the tag team last week. It looks like Dennis will be guiding Sam Stoker and Lewis Howley through the NXT UK tag team division.

Next week’s NXT UK episode will also feature a State of the Union Address by NXT UK Women’s Champion Kay Lee Ray, who retained her title over Piper Niven last week.

Stay tuned for more updates on the NXT UK brand. Above is a video package of highlights from this week’s show, and below is a new promo from A-Kid ahead of next week’s Heritage Cup tournament match against Webster, along with a few related tweets from this week: