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Excalibur and Taz and Olympic bronze medalist Anthony Ogogo welcome us to another stacked episode of Dark. They immediately throw it down to ring announcer Justin Roberts to introduce the first matchup.

Vipress vs. Big Swole

Big Swole and Vipress start off with a series of lock ups and an exchanging of holds. Swole runs the ropes and gains the advantage using her power. Vipress grabs a hold of Swole’s hair to gain back control and locks up Swole’s hair onto the ropes. Swole bounces off the ropes but runs into a northern lights suplex for a one count. Vipress tries to hit Swole in the corner, but Swole nails an Uranagi. Vipress counters Swole’s kicks, but Swole hit a headbutt, Tiger Driver and Texas Cloverleaf submission and Vipress taps immediately giving Swole the submission victory.

Winner: Big Swole

Tag action up next!

Aaron Solow & Lee Johnson vs. The Dark Order (Alex Reynolds & John Silver)

Reynolds and Solow start off. Reynolds tries to convince Solow to join The Dark Order. Solow teases turning on Johnson before going on the offense on Reynolds. Solow tags in Johnson, and Johnson hits a neckbreaker for a one count. Some back and forth action. Solow kicks Silver onto the outside. He goes for a dive, but Reynolds cuts him off, and he hits a clothesline for a two count.

Silver and Reynolds take control with Silver flexing along with laughing at Solow while Reynolds has Solow in the corner. Solow trying to mount a comeback counters Silver’s kicks. Reynolds tries to hold Solow back from tagging Johnson. Solow dives for a tag and Johnson goes on the offense taking out Silver and Reynolds and hits Silver with a tope con hiro on Silver on the outside. Johnson then hits a Blue Thunder Bomb on Reynolds, goes for the cover but gets a two count. Johnson and Silver try to go for a double team move, but Reynolds cuts them off. Silver and Reynolds hit a rapid-fire combo of tag moves ending with a combo of Reynolds hitting a Stunner, Silver hitting a German Suplex and Reynolds getting the cover for the win for The Dark Order.

Winners: The Dark Order (Alex Reynolds & John Silver)

– “The Librarian” Leva Bates is in a library looking at two separate pictures of her with Peter Avalon and Brandon Cutler respectively. She talks about going on her own and showing people “that knowledge is power”. She proclaims that “the deadweight is gone”, and it’s time her to shine.

– An ad for The Young Bucks’ new book, “Young Bucks: Killing the Business from Backyards to the Big Leagues” airs.

A BTE feud is settled next!

Michael Nakazawa vs. Trent? (w/Chuck Taylor and Orange Cassidy)

Before the match, referee Bryce Remsburg checks Nakazawa for any baby oil and finds a few bottles. Trent is annoyed and hit a few elbows on Nakazawa, but Nakazawa pinches Trent’s nipples to counter. He then hits a top rope drop kick and sends Trent to the outside. Taylor and Cassidy give Trent a pep talk before he goes back in and hits Nakazawa with a series of chops and elbows. Nakazawa tries to take control of the match, but Trent counters each time.

Trent hits Nakazawa with some elbows in the corner. The referee calls for a break, but Nakazawa pulls out a bottle of baby oil in the bottom turnbuckle making him too slippery for Trent to hold on to. Nakazawa takes out his thong and tries to attack Trent, but Trent counters. Nakazawa rolls Trent up for a jackknife cover for a two count. Nakazawa tries to attack Trent with the thong again, but Trent knocks the thong away. Trent hits three straight knee strikes for the victory.

Winner: Trent?

– A Little Bit Of The Bubbly ad with The Inner Circle plays.

Women’s singles action u next!

Red Velvet vs. Tesha Price

Velvet and Price with a strong lock-up exchange to start off. Velvet with a quick start with a roll-up combo for a two count and then follows up with a few arm drags. Price throws Velvet into the corner. She mocks Velvet’s signature pose before going for a cover, two count. Price has Velvet in a chin lock. Velvet escapes but gets cut off with a strong knee to the mid-section. Velvet escapes again and goes on the offensive hitting a cazadora bulldog combo. Velvet with double knees to the back of Price, cover, three count victory.

Winner: Red Velvet

– Interview segment with Shawn Spears w/ Tully Blanchard. Spears criticizes the thought of his victory over Scorpio Sky being “controversial”. He said Sky took “the higher road” and tells Sky that “nice guys finish last”. He proclaims that there is nothing next between him and Sky.

– “Murder Monster” Lance Archer comes in and takes out an AEW competitor in the ring. Roberts said he’s been asked if he’s a good guy or a bad guy. He says he’s “just an honest prick, pretty simple.” Archer and Jake “The Snake” Roberts list of their accolades. Roberts talks about inventing the DDT, carrying a large python and tying up Macho Man Randy Savage and “hooking him up with a 15-foot cobra” calling it his “favorite moment”. Archer talks about dominating Japan, throwing Marko Stunt to the first row. Archer ends saying, “we dare anyone in All Elite Wrestling to come up to me and show me who you are.”

More tag action up next!

Baron Black & VSK vs. Private Party (Isiah Kassidy & Marq Quen)

Some back and forth to start. Private Party hit a wishbone on VSK prompting Black to run out, but Private Party throw Black out. Private Party in full control, until Black comes in as Kassidy was going for a springboard dive. Black takes back control for his team and puts Kassidy in a bow and arrow stretch near his corner for VSK to tag in and hit Kassidy in the mid-section.

Black and VSK are slow in their double-team combination allowing Kassidy an opportunity to take in Quen. Kassidy gets the hot tag with Quen taking out both Black and VSK himself. Black reverses Quen’s Irish Whip but that allows Kassidy to tag in Quen and hit a side enzuguri on Black. Private Party with a tag team combo ending with Kassidy holding Black in a monkey flip set-up, Quen hits a shooting star press on Black and Private Party get the three-count for the victory.

Winners: Private Party

More women’s singles action up next!

KiLynn King vs. Rache Chanel

King and Chanel start fast with an exchange roll-up attempts and pin attempts. King offers her hand as a show of respect to King. King taunts King and takes control hitting a series of combo moves on King in the corner, goes for the pin but only a two-count. King tries to work a neck crank, but King picks up Chanel on her back. Chanel tries to hit a hurricanranna, but King picks up her and throws Chanel’s head on the second turnbuckle. King and Chanel both hit strong power moves but each only get a two-count. King picks up Chanel and drops her on the side rope. King hits “Kingdom Falls” for the pinfall victory.

Winner: KiLynn King

Guevara and Stunt up next!

Sammy Guevara vs. Marko Stunt

Stunt and Guevara fist bump before Guevara takes down Stunt and taunts him. Stunt is having none of it and goes on the offensive on Guevara. He hits a Dragonrana on the outside. Guevara tries to collect himself, but Stunt hits a diving back elbow on the back of Guevara’s head, cover but only a two-count. Guevara quickly takes back control with a knee strike. He throws Stunt on the outside and barely hits a springboard 450 on Stunt! Guevara doesn’t take advantage allowing Stunt to counter. Stunt goes to the stage and hits a dive jumping off the stage! Guevara is able to collect himself and hit the GTH on Stunt to pick up the win.

Winner: Sammy Guevara

Post-match: Guevara fist bumps Stunt to show respect. Guevara takes a mic and says “another win for the good guys”. He shows respect to Stunt and talks about how he’s still standing despite everything he’s been through in 2020. He proclaims himself “the best ever every night in this ring.” He also says, “No one’s going to outshine Sammy Guevara.” He also talks about his ambitions for gold saying, “Sammy Guevara is a champion here in AEW.”

– Another ad for A Little Bit Of The Bubbly plays.

Penelope Ford in action next!

Penelope Ford (w/Kip Sabian) vs. Dream Girl Ellie

Ford takes off her wedding ring after the bell rings. Ellie tries to go for quick roll-up win, but Ford kicks out. Ellie hits Ford with a knee to the face, and Ford rolls out. Sabian helps Ford collect herself. Ellie tries to go for a dive, but Ford counters with an elbow to the face. Ford shows off her power holding up Ellie on her shoulders and drops her on her knees. Ford hits a few kicks, but Ellie counters with a quick German suplex pin combo but only a two-count. Ford hits a back handspring combo, a running boot to the corner, German Suplex, a handspring cutter and a bridging Fisherman’s suplex for the pinfall win.

Winner: Penelope Ford

– Another ad for The Young Bucks’ new book, “Young Bucks: Killing the Business from Backyards to the Big Leagues” airs.

Women’s tag team action up next!

Diamante & Ivelisse vs. Jenna & Lady Frost

Diamante and Ivelisse try to take out their opponents with elbow strikes. Jenna isn’t fazed and uses her power against Diamante and Ivelisse. Frost does too much showboating allowing Diamante and Ivelisse to take control and hit some strong strikes on her. Diamante & Ivelisse hit a combo powerbomb on Frost as they take turns holding Frost in a chinlock. Frost hits a quick kick to slow Diamante & Ivelisse to tag in Jenna. Jenna with the hot tag and hits Diamante with a running heel kick. Jenna slams both Diamante & Ivelisse, covers but only a two count. Jenna has Diamante in a fireman’s carry, but Ivelisse kicks Jenna in the back of the leg. Ivelisse hits Jenna and the momentum of the kick allows for Diamante to hit a Code Red for the pinfall victory.

Winners: Diamante & Ivelisse

Men’s singles action up next!

Brandon Cutler vs. Adam Priest

Ricky Starks of Team Taz takes Ogogo’s place on commentary as Cutler works the headlock to start off with Priest. Priest tries to fight back, but Cutler hits a few shoulder tackles to fend off the comeback. Priest starts his comeback after hitting a shoulder tackle and a Dragon Screw on Cutler’s previously injured left knee. Back and forth exchange until Cutler hits a series of springboard moves fighting through the knee pain. Cutler hits TPK for his fourth straight victory.

Winner: Brandon Cutler

– Another episode of Britt Baker’s “The Waiting Room” starts off with Rebel introducing Baker to a live studio audience. Baker calls herself “quite the comedian” saying she’s getting calls “from all over the comedy world”. Baker tells a joke asking “what’s dentist’s favorite dinosaur. A-Floss-aprator”. Baker congratulates AEW World Champion Jon Moxley and his wife Renee Young on Young’s pregnancy but takes a shot at Moxley for not showing up to the contract signing.

Baker introduces her guest Tay Conti. Baker asks how to pronounce her Tay’s name as the camera cuts to Rebel or “Reba”. Baker asks who Conti wants to face in the future hoping she says her name. She doesn’t, and they take a mailbag question from “Tony S. in Atlanta” asking about Conti’s relationship status. Things get heated. Rebel then introduces The Acclaimed, Max Caster and Anthony Bowens. Caster drops a freestyle rap. Baker signs off.

Six-man tag team action up next!

Cezar Bononi, KTB & Seth Gargis vs. The Gunn Club (Austin Gunn, Billy & Colten Gunn)

Austin and KTB start off quick with Billy hitting a blockbuster on KTB for a quick two-count. Cargis and Colten tag in as Gunn Club keep Cargis in the corner and take turns hitting double axhandles on Gargis. Billy has Gargis running to his corner allowing Bononi to tag in. Quick action between the two as they each try to show off their power. Bononi and his team corner Austin, until he gets the hot tag for Colten. Colten takes on the entire team. He hits Colt 45 for the pinfall victory.

Winners: The Gunn Club (Austin Gunn, Billy & Colten Gunn)

– Another ad for A Little Bit Of The Bubbly plays.

Express tag team battle up next!

The Jurassic Express (Jungle Boy & Luchasaurus) vs. The Panda X-Press (Ultimo Panda & Super Panda)

Ultimo Panda and Jungle Boy start off. Ultimo Panda blows himself up running the ropes allowing Jungle Boy to hit some quick offense. Super Panda tags in, but Jungle Boy again hits some quick offense. Luchasaurus with a blind tag and takes down Super Panda. Super Panda tries to drop Luchasaurus with some chops, but it doesn’t faze him.

Jungle Boy tries to go for a sunset pin on Ultimo Panda, but Super Panda hangs on to Ultimo Panda allowing Ultimo Panda to sit on Jungle Boy. The Pandas sandwich Jungle Boy to take control of the match. Jungle Boy gets a comeback after a slow double-team move from The Panda X-Press. Luchasaurus comes in for the hot tag and takes out both Pandas. Ultimo Panda tries an open-hand chop, but Luchasaurus takes him and Super Panda out. Panda X-Press prevent a Jungle Boy comeback with Super Panda hitting a frog splash for a two-count. Jurassic Express come back with a tag team cutter and a combo of strikes. Lucharsaurus pins Super Panda for the win.

Winners: The Jurassic Express

TH2 in action next!

Brian Pillman Jr. & Griff Garrison vs. The Hybrid2 (Angelico & Jack Evans)

Before the match, TH2’s attack on Top Flight on last week’s Dynamite is shown hyping up TH2’s match against Top Flight on tomorrow’s Dynamite. Angelico and Pillman Jr. start off as Pillman Jr. starts off quickly with a few arm drags and drop kicks. Angelico grabs a hold of Pillman Jr.’s hair and tags in Evans as he takes control of the match. Angelico and Evans wear down Pillman Jr with a figure-four leglock, a standing Phoenix Splash throughout. Evans tries to go for a top rope move, but Pillman Jr. hits an uppercut and superplex before tagging in Garrison for the hot tag. Evans tries to stop Garrison’s comeback by diving off the tope rope, but Garrison catches him, and he and Pillman Jr. hit a combo neck breaker. TH2 halt the comeback with Evans hitting an Asahi moonsault on the outside onto Garrison, and Angelico hits his finisher for the victory.

Winners: The Hybrid2 (Angelico & Jack Evans)

Post-match: TH2 beatdown their opponets. Top Flight come in for the rescue as small preview for their Dynamite match tomorrow.

More tag team action next!

Alex Chamberlain & Damian Fenrir vs. The Acclaimed (Anthony Bowens & Max Caster)

Before the match, Caster drops a diss rap on Chamberlain and Fenrir. Bowens starts off with rapid-fire chops onto Fenrir. The Acclaimed beatdown Fenrir after Bowens slams Fenrir face first onto the side apron. Fenrir amounts a small comeback enough to tag in Chamberlain who hits some power moves onto The Acclaimed. Chamberlain and Fenrir try to take control, but Bowens halts their momentum with a rolling elbow strike. The Acclaimed hit a suplex and elbow drop combo for the win.

Wiiners: The Acclaimed (Anthony Bowens & Max Caster)

Matt Sydal in singles action coming up!

Matt Sydal vs. Alan “5” Angels (w/Preston “10” Vance)

Sydal tries to convince Angels to “open his third eye” and move away from The Dark Order. Angels has none of it as each wrestler tries to gain control. Sydal tries to go for some quick pins, but Angels kicks out each time. Sydal controlling the pace, until Angels drops Sydal with a clothesline. Sydal then drops Angels with a low-angle backdrop. Angels rolls out, and Vance tries to help Angels collect himself. Sydal hits a baseball slide on Vance, but Angels drops Sydal on the side apron. Angels distracts the ref to allow Vance to hit Sydal on the outside. Angels and Sydal go back and forth with chops and strikes.

Angels tries to target Sydal’s left leg hitting a series of kicks on Sydal’s leg. Sydal gains control hitting his own kicks. Sydal hits a northern lights bomb for a two-count. Sydal tries to go to the top rope, but Angels meets him with a high knee. The two find their way back in the ring where Angels hits Sydal with a Spanish Fly for a two-count. Sydal then has Angels in a submission hold, but Vance comes in to distract the ref. Angels hits Sydal with a running moonsault press but another two-count. Sydal surprises Angels with a running knee! Sydal hits a spinning neckbreaker to pick up the victory.

Winner: Matt Sydal

– Another ad for The Young Bucks’ new book, “Young Bucks: Killing the Business from Backyards to the Big Leagues” airs.

Co-main event up next!

“Pretty” Peter Avalon vs. Fuego Del Sol

Both men hope to get their first win in AEW as Avalon tells Del Sol to watch his face. A lot of back and forth action with each competitor having a counter for each other’s moves. Avalon throws Del Sol out of the ring as he relaxes on the side corner for a breather. Avalon maintains control, but Del Sol uses his speed and high-flying moves to coutner. Del Sol hits a straight-jacket neckbreaker but only gets two-count. Avalon counters Del Sol’s and hits Marti-knees to pick up his first AEW win!

Winner: “Pretty” Peter Avalon

Our main event is up next with a three-way tag team match!

Joey Janela & Sonny Kiss vs. The Chaos Project (Luther & Serpentico) vs. The Dark Order (Evil Uno & Stu Grayson)

A fast-paced start with Janela and Kiss holding off a sneak attack from the other tag teams. Janela and Kiss then hit crossbody dives on both teams on the outside. Serpentico and Janela start things off as Janela and Kiss maintain their momentum with fast-paced offense. Evil Uno blind tags in and teams up with Grayson to take out Kiss. The Dark Order and Chaos Project keep Kiss in their respective corners preventing him from tagging in Janela.

Things breakdown between Dark Order and Chaos Project after a few blind tags. The chaos allows Kiss to hot tag in Janela, and Janela makes easy work of the other tag teams. Janela and Kiss a Doomsday Device on Serpentico! Serpentico kicks out at two. Serpentico is forced to tag in Dark Order who take out Janela. Uno hits a senton atomico on Kiss but only gets a two count. Chaos Project comes in. Serpentico doesn’t want to be thrown by Luther anymore, but Luther does so anyway.

Chaos Project hit Creeping Death on Kiss, but Uno comes in to break up the pin. Kiss escapes Dark Order to tag in Janela, but Grayson catches a Janela crossbody attempt and rolls him up to set up Fatality on Janela for the win.

Winners: The Dark Order (Evil Uno & Stu Grayson)

That concludes this week’s episode. Thanks for watching!