All Elite Wrestling is back with another 15 match card for tonight’s epidsode of Dark. Check out the lineup below and get the conversation started. Coverage begins here at 7pm EST.

BSHP King vs. Darby Allin

Collar and elbow tie up gets tonight’s action started. Darby sinks in the side headlock and King uses his strength advantage to lift Allin up and throw him outside the ring. Allin tries to enter the ring and eats a back elbow. Allin finally gets in and connects on a dropkick that sends King to the outside. Allin with a suicide dive to the back of King on the outside. Back in the ring, King gets the control and goes to work on Allin’s arm/shoulder. King places his boot underneath the chin of Allin in the corner, but Allin counters into a submission move.

King slips out and goes up top for a senton, but Allin rolls out of the way. Allin hits a spring board coffin drop. Near fall on the pin. Allin gets the win on a modified pin.

Winner: Darby Allin

Leyla Hirsch & Elayna Black vs. Brandi Rhodes & Red Velvet

Black and Rhodes start the match. Rhodes with an arm drag. Lock up to reset. Black sinks in the wrist lock and connects on a knee strike. Black hits the ropes and follows with a sunset flip. Rhodes regains the advantage with a kick to the head and tags in Velvet. Black backs Velvet to the opposite corner and tags in Hirsch. Hirsch hits the ropes and connects on shoulder tackle. Hits the ropes again and this time eats a leg lariat from Velvet.

Velvet gets distracted and lays out Black. Hirsch capitalizes and levels Velvet and tags in Black. Quick tag back in for Hirsch and she connects on a pair of knee strikes. Cover and a near fall. Velvet hits the ropes and Hirsch levels her with a clothesline. Hirsch with an impressive moonsault, but misses her mark. Velvet makes the tag to Rhodes and she comes in with a clothesline and a slingblade to Black. Cover and Hirsch breaks up the pin. Spear from Rhodes to Hirsch. Black with a schoolgirl, but no good and Rhodes hits the Shot Of Brandi for the win.

Winners: Brandi Rhodes & Red Velvet

Danny Limelight & KC Navarro vs. Jurassic Express

Navarro and Jungle Boy start the match off as the legal men. Navarro showing some quickness and athleticism countering some holds. Quick pins exchanged. JB takes control and connects on his arm drag off the ropes. Luchasaurus tagged in, as is Limelight. Luchasaurus throws Limelight into the corner. Limelight trying to use the quickness advantage, but gets chopped down and sent to the outside. Luchasaurus picks him up and tries to throw him back into the ring, but Limelight goes face first into the top rope. Second time works and the big man tags in JB. Navarro tagged in as well.

Navarro drops JB over the middle rope and Limelight kicks him in the face. Navarro works on JB, but Luchasaurus gets the tag and takes out both Navarro and Limelight. Limelight becomes the legal man and gets caught coming off the top rope. Backflips out of the choke slam but eats a knee. JB tags in and gets the win on their finisher.

Winners: Jurassic Express

Ryzin vs. Frankie Kazarian

Kaz takes control early on the usual lock up and exchange of wrist locks. Combination strikes by Kaz levels Ryzin. Ryzin answers by sending Kaz face first into the turnbuckle and keeps the pressure on with some follow up offense. Taz takes a shot at Triple H on commentary saying, “Ryzin’s first name should be Terra, but that would never get over. That’s the s–ts.”

Ryzin loses control on the suplex attempt and Kaz hits a fisherman suplex and gets a two count on the pin. Kaz with a roll up and another two count. Manhattan drop by Ryzin and a big boot. Ryzin misses the moonsault. Kaz hits a reverse DDT for the finish.

Winner: Frankie Kazarian

Kaz talks after the match about his goals moving forward, but is attacked from behind by TH2. Christopher Daniels comes down for the save and lays out Jack Evans with the Angel’s Wings.

Dave Dutra vs. Ricky Starks

Starks with the early advantage. Dutra counters, but eats a hard forearm shot. Dutra sends Starks to the corner and follows in with a big splash. Dutra goes up top, but Starks shoves him off to the outside. Dutra sent back in the ring. Starks smacks him in the head multiple times before connecting on the clothesline. Starks plants him and springs to his feet. Dutra is rattled and eats a knee strike to the face when he gets back to his feet. Starks with a spear and Roshambo for the win.

Winner: Ricky Starks

Sean Maluta & Alex Chamberlain vs. Griff Garrison & Brian Pillman Jr.

Garrison and Chamberlain start the match. Chamberlain backs Garrison into the corner and resets the match after the ref breaks it up. Garrison backed down again. Chamberlain with a shoulder tackle. Garrison ducks a clothesline and hits the roundhouse. Maluta in. Pillman in and hits the diving double stomp on Maluta. Snap mare to Maluta and Garrison tags back in – comes over the top rope and hits the leg drop. Quick tag back in for Pillman.

Pillman hung out to dry. Chamberlain back in. Big clothesline by Chamberlain. Cover and a two count. Maluta back in. Side suplex on Pillman. Shots exchanged before Maluta connects on the Samoan Drop. Cover and two count. Pillman with a powerslam. Garrison tagged in and hits a series of clotheslines. Maluta gets face planted – pin but Chamberlain breaks it up. Springboard clothesline finish for Pillman/Garrison.

Winners: Brian Pillman Jr. & Griff Garrison

After the match, Lance Archer attacks everyone and clears the ring. Jake Roberts says everyone that crosses their path is making a huge mistake. Archer says he’s full of rage and will take care of Kingston’s family.

Aaron Solow & Angel Fashion vs. Max Caster & Anthony Bowens

Bowens and Fashion start things off. Bowens hits the kick to the midsection and sends Fashion into the corner. Caster gets the tag and kicks Fashion in the ribs. Fashion with a ‘rana. Kick to the chest and follows it with a leg lariat. Bowens tagged back in and hits a big forearm smash. Double team maneuver with Bowens landing across the back of Fashion. Solow begging for the tag, but Fashion keeps getting cut off. Bowens and Caster doing a nice job cutting the ring in half.

Caster back in, but quickly tags in Bowens again. Double team kicks and a back breaker by Caster and Bowens. Bowens with the cover and gets a two count. Caster tagged back in but misses the Mic Drop. Solow finally gets the tag and sends Bowens to the outside. Running uppercut on Caster. Solow with a clothesline off the top rope. Fashion tagged back in and Caster levels him with a boot. Bowens tagged back in. Assisted cutter for the win.

Winners: Anthony Bowens & Max Caster

VSK vs. Dark Order’s 5

5 with the early control. Headlock takedown by 5. Arm drag by VSK. Slam and splash follow up. 5 with the dropkick that sends VSK to the outside. VSK regains control back in the ring. 5 quickly recovers with a pair of kicks to the knees. Round kick to the back of VSK. Uppercut by 5. Quick kick out by VSK. Powerful German suplex by VSK and he follows it with a big boot. Hard shot by 5 to regain momentum. 5 with a nasty slam on the apron. Wing Snapper by 5 for the win.

Winner: 5

Peter Avalon is shown backstage in a robe. He answers a knock at the door and says the person must be there for the new manager ad. Avalon is being a total creeper and hitting on the unseen person with cheesy porno music playing in the background. The person slaps him in the face and he says to get out and he’s “Pretty Peter Avalon” and doesn’t need anyone. Looks to be a gimmick change for Avalon.

The Butcher & The Blade vs. Jersey Muscle

Butcher and Blade attack the guys before the bell. Tony and Blade will officially kick things off. Tony sent to the corner. Butcher tags in and sends Tony across the ring. Butcher levels the other partner (didn’t catch his name). Tony tags back in, as does Blade. Tony is thrown off the top and sent to the outside where he gets sent into the barricades. Butcher and Blade are on fire. Full Death for the finish.

Winners: The Butcher & The Blade

Natural Nightmares come out after the match and all hell breaks loose. QT and Blade are split up by a group of officials.

D3 vs. Will Hobbs

D3 shoves Hobbs. Hobbs throws him into the corner with one hand. D3 with some kicks. Hobbs catches D3 and spikes him with a Rock Bottom. Oklahoma stampede for the win.

Winner: Will Hobbs

Evil Uno & Stu Grayson vs. Nick Comoroto & Baron Black

Grayson and Comoroto going at it. Grayson gets caught and slammed on the cross body attempt. Uno gets the tag. Comoroto levels Grayson and Uno. Dark Order sends him to the ropes. Black tags in and sinks in an abdominal stretch. Dragon screw by Black. Black with a submission maneuver on Grayson. Grayson escapes and regains control and tags in Uno. Big boot by Uno. Cover and a two count. Chop by Uno. Comoroto wanting the tag, but Dark Order keeping Black away.

Back breaker by Uno. Grayson tags in. Delayed senton over the top rope. Lateral press cover but Black kicks out. Comoroto gets the tag and manhandles the opposition. Grayson hoists up Comoroto for the Night Fall. Fatality for the win.

Winners: Dark Order

John Silver, Colt Cabana and 10 vs. Shawn Dean, Cezar Bononi and Fuego Del Sol

Bononi and Silver start the match off and Silver struts his stuff against the much larger Bononi. Silver screaming he’s too jacked to be picked up. 10 attacks Bononi from behind and Silver hits the body slam. Del Sol blind tags in and is immediately leveled. Cabana tags himself in and throws Silver into Del Sol. Cabana with a couple quick moves and tags in 10. Del Sol goes for the tornado DDT but 10 catches him and slams him down.

Dean gets the tag and sends 10 to the ropes. 10 with the shoulder tackle. Knee strike by Dean but eats a pump kick by 10. Silver tagged back in and kicks Dean in the chest. Silver tags Cabana, who hits an elbow strike to the top of the head. Another elbow strike by Cabana. Enziguri by Dean. Bononi tags in and knocks 10 and Silver off the apron. 10 blind tags in and connects on a spear. Spine buster on Del Sol. Silver with the airplane slam on Del Sol for the win.

Winners: Dark Order

Lei’D Tapa vs. Kilynn King

King with a side headlock, but Tapa throws her off. King with a kick to the midsection. Sent to the ropes and dropped by Tapa’s shoulder tackle. King with a pair of kicks again, but Tapa levels her. King with the rack over the top rope. Lariat rocks Tapa, but Tapa stops the second attempt. Samoan Drop by Tapa. Cover and a near fall. King sent to the ropes and hits a cross body. King gets out of the Fireman’s carry and drops Tapa with a clothesline. King going up top and hits the frog splash for the win.

Winner: Kilynn King

Chaos Project vs. Private Party

Kassidy and Serpentico start things off. Arm drags by Kassidy. Serpentico recovers with a pair of hard rights. Luther tags in and rocks Kassidy. Single leg dropkick by Kassidy. Serpentico tags back in – awkward tag – Luther is weird. Quen tags back in but quickly tags Kassidy back in. Quen with the quick tag back in. Manhattan drop, enziguri combo. Stereo dropkicks by Private Party. Luther tags back in and hits a big boot and a clothesline on Kassidy. German suplex by Luther. Back breaker by Luther. Serpentico tags in and drops on Kassidy. Serpentico with a back drop on Kassidy.

Luther tags back in and hits a snap suplex. Serpentico back in and hits a move on Kassidy. Luther with the quick tag back in again. Scoop slam by Luther. Serpentico tagged back in and slammed by Luther on Kassidy. Kassidy finally makes the tag to Quen. He comes in hot and lays out Luther and Serpentico. Pele kick to Luther. Moonsault off the top by Quen takes out Serpentico. Stomping away at Serpentico. Gin and Juice for the win.

Winners: Private Party

Sammy Guevara vs. Lee Johnson

Guevara takes control early. Taunting Johnson after dropping him in the corner. Johnson with a nice dropkick and then mocks Guevara’s taunt. Johnson avoids a charging Guevara and hits the kick to the face. Guevara recovers and connects on a delayed vertical suplex. Hangs Johnson out to dry. Knee strike to the face by Guevara. Guevara gets leveled by a big clothesline. Hard forearm shots exchanged. Now chops. Neck breaker by Johnson and springs to his feet. Springboard missile dropkick by Johnson. Guevara tries a springboard move but Johnson takes him out in mid-air.

Guevara goes to the outside and Johnson with an impressive move over the top rope that takes out Guevara. Back in the ring, Guevara gets rattled by an enziguri. Guevara with a flying knee strike for the answer. Guevara with the GTH. Guevara mocks Hardy and hits the Twist Of Fate for the win.

Winner: Sammy Guevara