AEW Dynamite Results: Hikaru Shida Vs. Anna Jay, PAC And Rey Fenix Team Up, Chris Jericho

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Hangman Page vs. John Silver

Most of Dark Order comes out on the stage with Silver, but doesn't stay at ringside. Silver looks for a handshake, but Page isn't interested. Silver with a dropkick on Page and flexes a bit in his opponent's face. Silver then measures up his arms against Page, and ends up eating a discus forearms. The two trade some chops in the corner with Page getting the best of that exchange. Couple reversals, Silver with a slap on Page's backside and laughs. Page smiles, tosses Silver to the apron, looks to fly, but Silver catches him and hits a diving crossbody off the top turnbuckle.

Page with a big shot, but Silver returns fire with a back elbow, cover, two. Silver sent to the corner, Page with a leaping clothesline that sends Silver to the floor. Page flies out, but Silver in the ring, looks for suicide dive, Page back in the ring and then hits Silver with a crossbody. Back in the ring, sliding clothesline, cover, two. Silver up, punch, looks for a crossbody, caught in midair, fallaway slam by Page, kip up, running shooting star press, pin, two-count.

Page looking for the buckshot lariat, Silver reverses into a hurricanrana. Silver with a flurry of moves, finishing with a brainbuster, pin, two. Silver with some kicks to the chest, Page asks for more as he stands up. Page takes an elbow to the jaw, more kicks, but Page then turns Silver inside out, liger bomb, cover, two. Page hits the buckshot lariat, cover, 1-2-3.

Winner: Hangman Page via Pinfall

- Post-match, Dark Order heads out to the ring. Evil Uno talks to Page about being with a very strong group (The Elite) for awhile, but he tried to leave, and they didn't let him go. "If that's not a cult, I don't know what is." Uno says if Page wants to join them, he and his friends are here for Page. Uno continues that if he's interested, Page knows where to find them.

- Backstage, Kenny Omega talks with Alex Marvez about everything that happened with Jon Moxley getting ambushed last week and not being able to sign the contract. Omega says the more things change, the more things stay to the same. Omega says last year, he lost to Moxley, since then it's been Moxley on the magazine covers. After the title eliminator finals though people are saying "The Cleaner" has returned, and he's the one destined to be back at the top and being the best. Omega asks Moxley if he can leave the "garbage wrestling" at home for one night. Leave the tables and weapons at home, beat Omega in a straight up wrestling match. Omega brings up Moxley's childhood story from the week prior that he told about his dad, Omega didn't think Moxley's dad was all that tough and thought his dad "could beat the s— out of your dad."

- Next week: Dynamite Diamond Battle Royale, also, Darby Allin and Cody vs. Ricky Starks and Powerhouse Hobbs.

- Darby Allin video: We see Allin trashing a car and spray painting "Survive if I let you" on it (Taz's catchphrase). Allin then lights a trail of gas that sets the car on fire. Allin poses with his AEW TNT Title as the car burns behind him.

Powerhouse Hobbs vs. Lee Johnson

Taz joins commentary. Johnson looks to fly earlier, misses, but lands on his feet. He then ends up running straight into a big lariat from Hobbs. Johnson sent to the floor, Hobbs with another big lariat on his opponent. Hobbs tells Johnson it's just business as he tosses him into the barricade. Back in the ring, Hobbs lifts and powerslams Johnson to the mat, cover, and we're done here.

Winner: Powerhouse Hobbs via Pinfall

- Post-match, Taz heads to the ring with the FTW Championship. Taz says Starks and Cage are out celebrating, Hobbs should do the same and sends him to the back, so he can now do some business. Taz says he's got a problem with AEW not acknowledging the FTW Championship. Taz says he's not going to leave the ring until someone from management tells him why. His mic ends up getting cut. Taz calls for Justin Roberts to bring him a new mic. Taz tells the management not to cut this mic or he's going to commentary and getting a headset. Commentary says Tony Khan has said to cut off the mic, and that he needs to leave the ring. Cody then comes out and asks Taz what he's doing.

Cody wants to move on and tells Taz, he's wasting time. Cody says next week he and Allin vs. Starks and Hobbs will go down, is that good enough? Taz tells Cody, he and Allin are getting whooped again. That's not why he's out there though, he wants management to put some respect on the FTW Championship. Cody says he'll run it up the flag pole. "What are you going to tell me next, Cody, creative has nothing for me?" Cody gets a bit heated, then brings up Taz's son, Hook, isn't training with Taz, but is training with Cody. Taz drops the mic, tells Cody that was dumb for what he said. Cody tells the cameraman to cut it, Taz then looks to choke him out. Gunn Club and Dustin Rhodes run out to get Taz away. He heads to the back and we see Taz's son, Hook, following behind him.

- Backstage, Marvez asks Eddie Kingston about Death Triangle reforming with Penta and Fenix leaving the family. Kingston says he's really disappointed that Penta left, but Fenix leaving didn't surprise him at all. He tells PAC that things have changed since he was around here. Things aren't over until he says so. Jon Moxley then shows up and Kingston immediately stops talking. Kingston tells Moxley that he knows it wasn't him who ambushed him last week. Kingston says he's got his own stuff going on now, and Moxley knows who took him out.

Top Flight vs. The Hybrid 2

Darius and Angelico get things started, back and forth counters early on. Darius with a couple very nice arm drags on Angelico. Dante tags in, as does Evans who gets control of the match with some offense on his opponent. Dante flips away from Evans and lands a big roundhouse kick. Dante is able to tag in his brother. Darius with a boot to Evans' face, clothesline, flying forearm, then a punch to Angelico's face.

Darius to the top, big shotgun dropkick, cover, two. Dante with the blind tag, rough looking sequence that ends with Evans getting powerbombed, cover, Angelico breaks things up. Darius then sends Angelico out to the floor. Dante sent to the apron, Evans goes there too, tries for a suplex, but Darius with a kick to Evans. Suicide dive / top con hiro by the brothers. Evans sent back into the ring, Dante with a big splash, cover, two.

TH2 gets back on offense. Assisted 450 splash on Dante, cover, two-count. Code red on Angelico, cover, Evans breaks up the pin. Darius taken out to the floor. Angelico with a twisting leg submission into a heel hook. Dante taps out.

Winners: The Hybrid 2 via Submission

- Post-match, TH2 continues to beat up Top Flight. Matt and Nick Jackson run out to the ring to chase off TH2.

- Backstage, Nyla Rose and Vickie Guerrero talk about nepotism. Guerrero says the practice of that sounds a lot like what Brandi Rhodes does with members of the roster, like Big Swole and Red Velvet. Vickie says Rose and Jade Cargill do what they want on their own and it looks like Brandi's business plan isn't working out after she got her arm stomped out last week by Cargill.

- FTR talk about their loss to Young Bucks at Full Gear. Wheeler says he doesn't how good others thought the match was, that was one of the worst nights of his lift. Harwood says for three seconds the Young Bucks were better than FTR, but that doesn't mean they are the best team in the world. Harwood says he needs those titles! Tully Blanchard says it's their destiny to win back the titles and the Young Bucks should fear the revelation.

Chris Jericho and Jake Hager (with Inner Circle) vs. Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian

Commentary noting this is the first time Jericho and Daniels have met in the ring. Jericho with a side headlock then drops Daniels with a shoulder tackle and cheers. Then slaps Daniels a few times in the head, but Daniels nails him with a dropkick. Kazarian gets in a few shots from the corner then tags in. Double team strikes by SCU, cover, one-count.

Hager tags in and beats up on Kazarian in the corner, knees in the corner. Referee distracted, Jericho chokes away at Kazarian. Daniels tags in, but doesn't have much luck either. Daniels gets his foot tripped up from the outside, Hager blasts him to the floor and gets the referee's attention. Inner Circle stomps away at Daniels as we go to commercial.

Back in the ring, Hager really taking it to Daniels, throwing shots to his opponent's ribs. Jericho tags in, but Daniels is able to drop him and tag out. Kazarian with a dropkick on Hager, flying forearm on Jericho, then plants Hager to the mat. Frankie puts Jericho down, springboard leg drop. Ortiz on the apron, Frankie drops him then hits a rough looking hurricanrana. Sammy immediately checking on Ortiz. Frankie fights his way back into the ring. Daniels tags in, hits a single leg stomp to the chest, then hits a suicide dive at Hager.

Daniels goes up top, diving crossbody, pin, two-count. Tag tags in and runs over Daniels, looks for a suplex, but Daniels flips out of it and boots Hager, diving flatliner, goes for the best moonsault ever, hits it, cover, Jericho stops the count. Frankie throws a shot to Jericho's face, but referee shoves Frankie to his corner. MJF punches Daniels with diamond ring on, Jericho lands judas effect, Hager with the cover, 1-2-3.

Winners: Chris Jericho and Jake Hager via Pinfall

- Post-match, Inner Circle continue to attack SCU. MJF looks to use his ring again, but Scorpio Sky runs out with a chair and the entire group bails out of the ring.

- Kip Sabian and Miro debut a new show "The Miro and Kip Video Game Extravaganza." Orange Cassidy walks in and turns off their console. He walks out, Miro and Sabian chase after him, but Trent and Chuck Taylor attack them from behind. The two battle for a bit around the backstage area.

- Contract signing time with Kenny Omega and Jon Moxley. Tony Schiavone is in the ring to welcome them. Last week, only Omega signed the contract after Moxley was ambushed backstage. Omega gets ready to come out for his entrance, as we see his silhouette, we see Moxley come up from behind him and attack Omega. Moxley beats him all the way to the ring. Moxley puts his title on the mat, Omega touches it and gets his hand stepped on. Moxley then hits paradigm shift on the title.

The champ asks for the mic, Moxley says he doesn't know who Omega hired last week, but he did a terrible job. Next time Omega wants to take someone out, just ask Moxley, he knows some guys. Moxley continues that he thought the beef between him was squashed, but now things are even between them. The champ says the only way Omega is going to take the title is reach deep, down and be the guy all the fans think he is. "Win, lose, or draw, winter is coming for you, Kenny." Moxley tells Omega if he comes at the king, he better not miss. Moxley heads over to the table and to sign the contract. He stops, thanks Tony, then signs it.

- Backstage, Inner Circle talks with Marvez. MJF is so mad about Frankie sucker punching him earlier tonight. Jericho talks about winning fair and square tonight, Frankie put his hands on MJF after the match. Jericho says that all the fun and games are done, they are going back to beating up everyone on the roster. Jericho says for the first time ever it will be Frankie Kazarian vs. Chris Jericho on next week's show.

- Video package for Anna Jay vs. Hikaru Shida. Jay says when they first met, she was just a rookie and now has a group supporting her, now she's a different person. Shida notes her knee is fine after her last match. Tay Conti (who's sitting with Jay) talks about their friendship and says Jay is going to be the next champion. Shida tells Jay to bring it.

Hikaru Shida (c) vs. Anna Jay with Tay Conti (AEW Women's World Championship)

5, 10, and John "4" Silver standing on the stage as the match gets going. Shoving match to get things started, Shida with a shoulder tackle. Jay with the queen slayer submission, but Shida shoves her into the corner and throws a few strikes. Shida with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker, running dropkick, looks for a running knee on the apron, but Jay blocks it. She throws the champion into the barricade, couple chokes to the chest, then drives Shida to the ring.

Shida caught up on the second turnbuckle and takes a big roundhouse kick to the face. Jay tells Conti to give her a chair, Conti doesn't want to, but does so. Jay thinks about it, hands the chair to the referee, and quickly takes a kendo stick from a Dark Order member, she cracks Shida with it, cover, two. Queen slayer locked in on Shida, but Shida is able to rolls out of it and hit a low forearm to the head. Shida tries for a suplex, Jay counters into a very close three! Shida ducks a clothesline, straight jacket german suplex, forearm shot to the back, cover, two. Shida with a running knee to the face, cover, and that will do it.

Winner: Hikaru Shida via Pinfall

- Post-match, Shida celebrates on the stage, but Abadon's music hits. Abandon crawls out to towards Shida with blood dripping out of her mouth. Shida falls back in fear, dropping the title. Abadon then licks the title, getting blood all over it.

- Backstage, Matt Hardy talks about being the most innovated wrestler in history. He talks about 2020 being a tough year, but he wants to inspire everyone to fight on. Hardy says if he can live on through insurmountable odds, so can everyone else with their mundane, little issues. He then implores fans to consider "What would Matt do? Survive. Thrive. And Win."

- Backstage, Ricky Starks, Brian Cage, and Powerhouse Hobbs talk about Taz leaving. Starks says they love being in AEW, but he hates Cody, he thinks his ego gets in the way, especially when he's mad about losing to the group last week. Starks hypes up the tag match against Cody and Allin on next week's show.

The Butcher and The Blade (with The Bunny) vs. PAC and Rey Fenix (with Penta El Zero Miedo)

Eddie Kingston heads to commentary. Match gets off to a quick start with PAC and Fenix going right after their opponents, Blade and Butcher get sent out to the floor and PAC / Fenix hit stereo dives on them. Back in the ring, Butcher avoid an aerial move from PAC, gets up, and runs over PAC. Dropkick / gutwrench slam by Blade and Butcher.

Fenix goes to work on Blade, cover, two, and goes right into an arm submission. PAC tags in, throws Blade hard into the corner. PAC with a shot to the face, kick to the head, but Blade fires back with a big shot. Fenix gets in there, Butcher, as well, roundhouse kick to Butcher. Fenix looks for a springboard cutter, but Butcher doesn't go down with him (not sure if botch or just fought it off). Kingston has been great on commentary, throwing jabs at the other guys, while still putting over the match.

Fenix really needs to tag out as Butcher and Blade continue to beat the heck out of him. Fenix finally lands a cutter to stop the pain, and is able to tag in PAC. He rushes across the ring and boots Butcher, then nails Blade with a single-leg dropkick. PAC to the apron, flips back in, enziguri, northern lights suplex with the bridge, two. PAC looks for a shooting star press, ends up landing on his feet though. He charges Blade, but takes a spinning powerslam. Butcher tags in, lands a big lariat, cover, two.

Blade back in there, PAC getting destroyed in the corner. Doctor bomb by blade, cover, Fenix with a kick to the back of Blade to stop that. Butcher dumps Fenix out to the ramp. Fenix with the blind tag, boot to Blade's face, more kicks by PAC and Fenix. PAC going to fight off Butcher. Bunny distracts the ref. Kingston runs to the ring and crotches Fenix on the top turnbuckle. Butcher and Blade with the powerbomb / cutter for the pinfall win.

Winner: The Butcher and The Blade via Pinfall

- Post-match, Death Triangle gets beat up by Kingston's family. Bunny grabs a chair and Kingston takes it. Kingston nails PAC with a DDT on the chair. He lifts PAC and drills him again on the chair. Lance Archer's music hit and he runs out to the ring, immediately clearing out Blade. He gets in the ring and takes down Kingston and Butcher at the same time with a crossbody. Commentary believes Archer is sick of Kingston talking trash about him over the last few weeks, stemming from the battle royale when Archer sent Kingston out to win the match. More brawling between the two sides. Kingston and Archer jaw at each other as the show comes to a close.