AEW Dynamite Results: Jon Moxley And Eddie Kingston Face-Off, PAC, Miro Vs. Trent

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- MJF and Jericho talk a little trash (Jericho calls MJF "soft") before MJF heads out for his tag match. Chris Jericho joins commentary.

MJF and Wardlow vs. Sammy Guevara and Ortiz

Wardlow gets things going against Ortiz, smashing him down to the mat. MJF tags in, gets popped and Ortiz with the scratch to the back. Wardlow throws a punch as the referee is distracted. MJF baits Sammy, referee distracted again as MJF bites Ortiz. Wardlow back in there and keeps control of Ortiz.

Guevara finally gets a tag, takes down both opponents, both end up on the floor. Sammy with a twisting suicide dive on MJF, then a flip out on Wardlow. Back in the ring, Guevara drops MJF, cover, two. Sammy on fire, but it gets put out with a thumb to the eye by MJF. Guevara then hits a rising knee strike, hits the gtr. Sammy and Ortiz work over Wardlow.

Sammy and Ortiz look for a double superplex on MJF, Wardlow then with a double powerbomb. He tags himself in, F-10 on Ortiz, cover, Guevara with a splash off the top rope to break things up. Guevara with a big flip down on MJF. Sammy talks some trash to Serpentico, but it's actually Matt Hardy, and he throws a chair at Sammy! In the ring, MJF has Ortiz in the fujiwara armbar for the tap out.

Winners: MJF and Wardlow via Submission

- Post-match, MJF heads up to the stage and charges Chris Jericho at commentary. The two throw some punches, but MJF is pushed off by Santana and Jake Hager. Jericho is smiling those as he gets back to his feet.

- Earlier today, Tony Schiavone visited Kenny Omega at his home. Omega then says it's actually not his home, he just relocated temporarily to focus on this tournament. Omega says twice he had his matches changed in the tournament and his game plans had to be switched up. Omega offered up the idea that maybe Tony Khan should have given him two byes with those changes, and based on his merit he could have simply moved on in the tourny. Omega didn't think it was "obvious" that Hangman Page would make it to the finals, he thought Wardlow would get there. Omega asks Tony who'd he bet on for the tournament? He thinks he's destined to win the tournament and become the next champion.

Trent (with Orange Cassidy and Chuck Taylor) vs. Miro (with Kip Sabian and Penelope Ford)

Miro gets on the mic before the match to talk some trash. Mentions Trent not learning any manners from his mom. Trent immediately hits him with a dropkick. Miro puts Trent down though. Trent gets up to the second rope, Trent grabs him and hits a saito suplex. Miro with a kick to the back, european uppercut, stomps in the corner.

Miro with another suplex, elbow to the face. Taylor and Sabian start fighting, and end up going to the back. Ford tries to follow, but Cassidy gets in the way. Miro sends Trent hard into the corner, twice. Miro charges in, nobody home, eats a chop to the chest. Trent tries for a tornado DDT, no luck, overhead suplex and Trent is then sent into the ring post. Led by John Silver, Dark Order shows up and takes out Orange Cassidy at ringside (the two are going to meet at Full Gear). The referee comes out and tosses the whole group to the back. Miro even gets in their faces and tells them to get out of here.

Back in the ring, Miro locks in a bear hug on Trent. Trent fights out of it, throws some big shots, takes his elbow pad off, big clothesline, cover, one-count. Half-and-half suplex, Trent with a knee, nope, Miro swings and plants Trent to the mat, pin, two-count. Miro with a kick, Trent reverses into a pin, two. Miro charges, Trent goes low and Miro goes to the floor. Trent with a tope con hiro down on Miro. Back in the ring, Trent lands a clothesline in the corner, tornado DDT, running knee, cover, two. Trent tries to springboard in, slips off, eats a kick to the face, Miro then locks in game over for the tap out.

Winner: Miro via Submission

- Post-match, Miro keeps the move locked in. Taylor returns to fight Miro. Sabian gets involved and Best Friends get taken out. Miro on the mic, says Trent has no manners because of his mother. Cassidy shows up and leaps off the top rope to the floor on both Miro and Sabian.

- Earlier today, Jim Ross talked with Hangman Page. Page has a drink in hand, Ross asks Page about his finals match against Kenny Omega. Page says he feels so good, and has plenty of time to prepare. Says he knew it was going to be Omega, but he's going to win. Ross asks about them being former partners and how that strategy works for Page. Hangman says he knows all of Omega's moves and will be able to pull out the victory. Ross calls out Page, says he thinks Page is nervous as he chugs down his bourbon. Page admits that he's nervous ? who doesn't get nerves going down the tunnel? Page then mentions how he originally said he was going to be the first world champion in AEW, but it didn't work out. If he doesn't win this opportunity, what else does he have...other than this last drink? Jim Ross reminds him about moderation and wishes him good luck on Saturday.

- Hype video for the AEW World Tag Team Championship Match between FTR and Young Bucks at Full Gear. Numerous people make their predictions. Matt Jackson reiterates if they don't win, they won't challenge for the tag titles ever again.

- Taz heads out to the stage with Brian Cage and Ricky Starks. Taz reminds Will Hobbs time is ticking down for him to make his decision about joining the group. They gets in the ring, Taz says for three hours he sat outside Tony Khan's office trying to get two minutes of his time. Taz says a production assistant then tells him Khan is too busy though. Taz says he'll talk on Khan's TV show, if he can't talk backstage. He says Cage is 10-1 (the loss was passing out to Moxley), and is number one in the current rankings. Taz says Starks has only won in AEW and isn't even in the top 5. Starks gets on the mic and says he's opened and closed Dynamite, every time he's given a shot, he hits a home run. Starks wonders how they don't have a match at the PPV. Taz says Cody and Allin will be a good match, but they are also both spoiled and entitled and guarantees an FTW presence at Full Gear.

- Matt Hardy comes out with Private Party for their match. Guevara jumps Hardy from behind and is able to get away before Private Party get to him.

Young Bucks vs. Private Party

Back and forth action between Nick and Quen with Nick bringing him down with an arm drag. Matt still selling his limp from FTR's attack. Matt and Nick with some double teams moves on Quen. Double suplex of Kassidy down on Quen. Double dropkicks send their opponents to the outside. Stereo crossbody to the floor. Matt selling the ankle some more.

Quen with a big springboard crossbody, another dropkick, and Nick tags in. Kassidy tags in, multiple kicks, double stomp to the back of Nick's head. Matt runs in and takes a double hip toss down on Nick. Young Bucks sent out of the ring, Private Party with stereo suicide dives. Back in the ring, they go up top, Matt shoves Kassidy down to the ramp. Matt with the blind tag, Nick kicks Quen, big knee in the corner. Bulldog / dropkick double team combo. Kassidy throwing a flurry of strikes, over the top stunner that sends Nick out to the floor.

Kassidy with a twisting dive on Matt and Nick. In the ring, Quen tags in, Nick getting beat up. Nick looks to tag out, but Matt isn't even standing and is holding his ankle. Gin and juice hits on Nick, Matt leaps in to break up the cover. Kassidy throws Matt out to the floor. Quen with a big shooting star press, lands on his feet, Matt out of nowhere with a spear. Nick with the tricky pin, but only gets two. Matt tags in, Meltzer Driver attempt, Kassidy pulls Nick down to the floor. Multiple pin reversals by Matt and Quen, all for two counts. Quen eats a superkick by Nick, BTE trigger (double knee strikes to the head) hits, cover, 1-2-3.

Winners: Young Bucks via Pinfall

- Post-match, FTR ambush Matt and Nick from behind. Matt takes goodnight express, Wheeler looks to put the chair around Matt's ankle again. Harwood holding Nick down as Wheeler heads up to the second rope to stomp down on the chair. With a drink in hand, Page comes out to the ring and chases FTR away. Omega now is out in the ring to check on Matt and Nick. Page takes the chair, but tosses it to the floor. Page and Omega stare at FTR and say a few things to them. Omega puts his fist out to Page, and Page bumps it. Omega then goes back to FTR. Page returns and says some things to Omega with a serious look on his face, but nothing happens between the former tag partner.

- Tony Schiavone in the ring to do the face-to-face with AEW World Champion Jon Moxley and Eddie Kingston. It was announced earlier tonight that neither man can get physical with each other or Saturday's title match is off. Kingston kicks Tony out of the ring and gets on the mic. He tells Moxley he's going to destroy him. He's gonna take the title, give it to his mom and tell her this is the reason she doesn't have a grandson. It's because of this, because of wrestling. Kingston says he had to sell out and become everything he hated to get a shot at Moxley's title. He plans on taking the title from Moxley on Saturday. Moxley says loyalty is a b—- and he's gotten burned time and time again. He was so happy when Kingston signed, Kingston says he wasn't happy. Moxley says he was happy for Kingston's mom, Kingston doesn't like Moxley talking about his mother. Moxley says he's found the loudest guys typically is the weakest (Kingston laughs and says he's going to gut Moxley). Moxley continues that on Saturday Kingston is going to face the best in the world, and he's going to lose. The champ says after 18 years, Kingston may learn he didn't deserve the shot at all. Moxley says Kingston made a promise to his mother that he can't keep. Kingston can't even look at him at first, and tells Moxley "you better get ready to kill me." Kingston says Moxley isn't going to do it, and that title is his! Kingston leaves the ring. Moxley says Kingston is not the man he thought he was and he will say the words "I quit."

- PAC sends in a video. He's sitting in his home, alone. Standing at the beach, alone. Around him are copies of himself in his ring gear. PAC says it's been seven months and he's become a casualty of this rotten world. It's okay though, he's been through this before. Every day that passes, he gets strong, faster, and more obsessed. PAC says he's seen everything.

Nyla Rose with Vickie Guerrero vs. Red Velvet with Brandi Rhodes

Rose takes control of the match early on. Velvet able to land a few strikes. She leaps off the top rope, but gets caught in midair. She tries for a hurricanrana, no luck, and takes a beast bomb, cover, Rose lifts Velvet up. She looks over at Shida, throws a running knee (much like Shida does), cover, 1-2-3.

Winner: Nyla Rose via pinfall

- Post-match, Vickie gets on the mic and makes fun of Red Velvet for not winning her match, even with Brandi with her. Vickie says Brandi should go by a new title, CBSO: Chief Bulls— Officer. Vickie says Tony Khan made Shida take the match against Rose, and to enjoy her last three days as champion. Guerrero says something to Shida in Japanese and Shida grabs her. Rose and Shida start throwing shots as they are sperated.

- Hype video shown for Page vs. Omega. Don Callis is among the people making their predictions, he picks Omega over Page. We see clips of the two working together as tag partners, along with the ups and downs of their relationship.

- Next week:

* Penta El Zero M vs. Rey Fenix
* The Butcher and The Blade with The Bunny vs. The Natural Nightmares

- Darby Allin video...he goes up to a car with "The Face of TNT" written on it. Allin gets into the car and sees someone wearing a Cody mask. Allin drives the car into the guy. We then see Allin sitting up in the stands by himself.

Cody, Billy, and Austin Gunn with Arn Anderson vs. John Silver, Ten, and Colt Cabana with Dark Order

Cody starts things off with John Silver. Commentary noting that Billy, Austin Gunn, and Lee Johnson have joined The Nightmare Family. Austin tags in, rolls Silver through, casement dropkick, snapmare, cover, two. Billy tags in, Colt also tags in. Billy with a knee that drops Cabana. Billy sent into the corner, Billy catches Colt in midair, cover, two. Austin tags back in, gets sent to the mat. Colt tags in 10, he charges in and takes a back body drop. 10 throws a swing, Silver with a shot to Austin's back, 10 hits a spinebuster.

Austin getting worked over and really needs to tag out. Colt throws big forearms in the corner. Cabana runs over and pops Cody, Austin with a dropkick to Colt. 10 and Billy tag in, Billy takes on all three guys. He throws Silver to the mat, big splash in the corner on 10. He looks for fameasser, Colt breaks that up and gets sent to the corner.

Billy hits fameasser on 10, cover, Silver breaks it up. Cody with a powerslam on Silver, step-up dive on Colt out on the floor. Billy takes a kick from Silver, 10 hits a cutter on Billy, cover, two-count. We see Allin looking on from the stands. Cody tosses Silver into the crowd. Back in the ring, Austin hits cross rhodes on Colt, hits quick draw (hip toss into a neck breaker), cover, 1-2-3.

Winners: Cody, Billy, and Austin Gunn via Pinfall

- Post-match, Dark Order look to strike. Silver with a chair, trying to ambush from behind. Cassidy runs out and hits orange punch on Silver. Cody gets on the mic, says Allin is telling everyone that TNT doesn't want him as the champion. Cody says that's fiction, TNT would love it. Cody says if the circumstances were different he would love it to. Cody says he was the one who brought Allin in, and that the other EVPs were so unsure of Allin, Cody had to wrestle him just to prove Allin's talent. Cody tells Allin to stop lying, he wants the title, he wants to be the face of AEW. Cody says the only're not the ace. Cody holds up the title as he looks at Allin way up in the stands.