Below are highlights from the latest Being the Elite:

* Matt and Nick Jackson check out the Full Gear set at Daily’s Place the night before. Nick calls Matt stupid for adding the stipulation of them not being able challenge for the tag titles again if they lost to FTR. Matt says he always has a plan and Nick shouldn’t worry. Matt says he has a plan B if things go south, he then jokingly shows a photo of some AEW TNT Tag Team Championship titles.

* Matt and Nick go hunting for their AEW figures, but strike out again.

* John Silver and Alex Reynolds try to recruit Michael Nakazawa. They try to butter up Nakazawa with compliments. They show him how to do the Dark Order hand signal, Nakazawa initially loves it and then puts his underwear over his hand and gets both guys with it.

* Matt, Nick, and other AEW stars are signing their names for what looks to be an upcoming trading card line.

* AEW Games hype video (Tuesday, November 10 on AEW Games’ YouTube channel at 6 pm ET).

* Christopher Daniels tells Brandon Cutler they need to take a photo of him with a belt for reference. He looks at all of AEW’s titles, but Daniels says it’s none of those titles. Daniels hold up an actual belt because they can see Cutler’s underwear, Cutler looks disappointed. He poses with it anyways.

* Matt gets a cut on his knuckle, Cutler tells Matt he’s really getting banged up lately. Matt talks about his knee injury that happened in his match against The Butcher and The Blade. He did an elbow drop through a table and hurt the back of his knee (partially torn MCL, also the ACL had thinning, which is a partial tear, and its considered an old injury). Matt says he’s getting better and fully planned on working at Full Gear. Young Bucks went on to beat FTR for the titles.

* Cutler is looking around for the “pay window” after getting his first win. He ask Frankie Kazarian where it is, Frankie calls him a mark and tells him it’s around the corner where the winner’s purse and brass rings are. Frankie says that hasn’t been around for 35 years! Peter Avalon then asks Frankie if he signed up for those anger management classes, Frankie just yells at him.

* Gator Golf Championship with Matt Jackson, John Silver, and Trent. Trent eventually wins and is the first-ever BTE Championship (despite initially saying he didn’t even want to win the title). Trent then asks for slow motion as he raises it up.

* Backstage clips of wrestlers getting ready for Full Gear.

* Cutler shows up to Full Gear in a steampunk outfit, hoping to get booked. Frankie just rips him apart and gets in his “Do ya?!” line. Justin Roberts then asks him about anger management classes, Frankie yells at him.

* Backstage, Miro and Kip Sabian play video games with Penelope Ford looking on. Leva Bates shows up and wonders if she can play. Miro hands over his controller, Sabian acts super cocky about getting an easy win. Bates then apparently crushes him, and heads off.

* Jurassic Express get into an ice bath together. Stunt tells Luchasaurus to ditch his shorts, none of them are wearing any. They get out of the cold bath, Anna Jay enters, apparently noticing Luchasaurus and Jungle Boy’s shrunken bits, and laughs. Stunt walks forward and Jay stops laughing at his size, Jungle Boy faints and Luchasarus says “Dear, God” and runs off.

* Matt has his Lakers-inspired gear ready for Full Gear. Clips shown of FTR vs. Young Bucks, along with Matt and Nick getting the win. Backstage, the guys thank Shaquille O’Neal for being there. Kenny Omega wants to celebrate with his buddies. Omega shows off some custom made champions hats. Omega then brings the guys into the EVP room, which is covered in plastic for a champagne celebration. The guys celebrate a bunch as Hangman Page walks down the hallway and looks into the room for a moment. Page then heads back down the hallway. Matt calls his family. Matt and Nick then do a post-show media scrum. Matt talks about his injury, we see him getting taped up by medical staff before his match.

* Kingston is backstage after his match. Says he legit broke his phone in frustration (shows it to the camera) after his loss to AEW World Champion Jon Moxley. Kingston reveals Moxley told him “it’s over” after the match, but Kingston responded “it’s never over.” Kingston continues that he sold his soul to the devil of pro wrestling, he jumped Moxley, talks s— about him, just for a shot at the title. It’s everything he’s previously said he wouldn’t do, but doesn’t regret it. Feels like it’s another sin he has to pay for, but he’ll be back because he doesn’t have anything else in this life. Eddie says people think what he does is a character, but it’s not, he has nothing else but pro wrestling. Kingston thought he’d be World Champion, but he’ll be back on Wednesday.

* John Silver crying in the Dark Order hangout after his loss to Orange Cassidy. Evil Uno tries to tell him he did really good, despite the loss. The group tries to cheer Silver up. Uno asks Silver to take his anger out on an orange, Silver punches it a bunch. Silver isn’t happy though, Anna Jay asks him what would cheer him up. Silver says he’d like a hug, she heads over for one, but he puts his hand in her face and hugs 10. Grayson then starts up a “F—, Hangman” to get Silver’s spirit up. Cut to Page walking down the hallway, apparently hearing that, and entering the room. The group stops as Page pours himself a drink. The group doesn’t really know what to do, but Hangman holds up his drink and starts the “F—, Hangman” chant back up. An angry looking Page takes the whole bottle with him and leaves the room. Evil then tells the group he’ll be right back, possibly looking to bring Page into the group?

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