The WWE ThunderDome set up gives company officials the ability to used piped-in crowd noise, and that is reportedly something they have been doing for every match.

It was reported in the latest edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that the piped-in and fed crowd noise has been used for every match as of late. Word is that this is exactly what WWE officials have always wanted – complete control of the crowd noise.

WWE officials having complete control of the crowd noise makes it look like every Superstar they want to get over is over with the fans, while everyone they don’t want to get over, doesn’t look like they are getting over with the fans. This makes it easier to control the narratives.

While using piped-in noise gives WWE officials a lot of control, they still have to deal with visual reactions from fans in the virtual ThunderDome crowd, as viewers respond to entrances and angles with thumbs up or thumbs down, and other visible reactions.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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