Booker T Praises Roman Reigns: "The Great Ones Always Make You Feel A Certain Way"

WWE Hall of Famer Booker T recently heaped praise on Roman Reigns and Jey Uso for their performance in the first-ever "I Quit Match" inside the Hell in a Cell structure.

While reviewing the event on his Hall of Fame Podcast, Booker T said that Reigns had the ability, like all great pro wrestlers, to make a match or storyline "feel real" while evoking certain emotions from fans.

"A good match always comes down to what is said before, and what is said after the match," said Booker T. "With Roman, it's not just what he said [after Hell in a Cell] but how he said it. It was very calm and real.

"It wasn't over the top and just made you feel like, 'is this story real? I don't know.' And that's exactly what wrestling has always been about. The great ones have been able to go out and make you feel a certain way."

Booker T said the Reigns-Uso match reminded him of old school pro wrestling.

"It was great storytelling, definitely got to your heart, pulled out those strings and made you go, 'wow, man. this is pretty good.' It had a feeling of what wrestling [used to be like], the way I always loved watching it. This was old school, a throwback.

"There's always one match that makes you go, 'man, I don't know. Is this thing real?' as opposed to other matches on the card." added Booker T.

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