Below are highlights from the latest Being the Elite:

* Matt and Nick Jackson head out to support Brandon Cutler for his match against Peter Avalon.

* Brandon Cutler cuts a promo, talks about getting signed by AEW and wanting to prove he's actually a great wrestler, and it wasn't just because of his relationship with The Young Bucks. We see clips of all his losses in AEW, and Avalon calling him a loser over and over. He then teams up with Avalon to try and get a win in the tag division, but doesn't have any luck there. We see the draws between Cutler and Avalon, and Page telling Cutler about Matt and Nick not caring about him. Matt and Nick come out to cheer on Cutler in his most recent match where he finally gets a victory, beating Avalon (Overall, he's 1-25-2).

* Backstage, Matt and Nick congratulate Brandon Cutler on his first win. Cutler says he was so happy to hear his music again after his victory. Talks about losing again and again, but he's proved that wins and losses matter. Cutler continues that everybody gets hung up on wins, but losses matter, too. He thanks Matt and Nick for being out there. Matt then says he was a bit too hard on Cutler the other week, Cutler says it's water under the bridge.

* Next week will be the finals for Gator Golf with Matt Jackson, John Silver, and Trent for the BTE Championship.

* Backstage, Sammy Guevara talks with Fuego. Fuego says he paid his way to be on the show, but doesn't get booked. Matt Jackson limps by and says hey. Guevara tells Fuego if they take out Matt, he'll be back in the tournament! Sammy throws his shoe and it hits Brian Cage. Sammy tells Fuego that was messed up. Cage lifts Fuego up against the wall. He says it was Sammy! Cage realizes Sammy only has one shoe on. Sammy says "run" and takes off with Cage on his heels.

* Darby Allin hanging outside, John Silver and Alex Reynolds run into him. They try to talk skateboard with him in an attempt to recruit him. He scares them off after their failed attempt.

* Luchasaurus trains to do some "big man" training while his dad does some grilling. Luchasaurus then works on his shooting star press into the pool, splashing his dad, who gets real mad and roars at him.

* "Speaking Spanglish" with Alex Abahantes. In this episode they play a version of Family Feud with Dark Order vs. Dasha, Santana, Ortiz, Sammy, and Diamante. Dark Order ends up losing the show.