On episode three of The Wrestling Inc. Daily’s “Documenting Chyna” interview series, Wrestling Inc. Managing Editor Nick Hausman continued his conversation with former manger of WWE Hall of Famer Chyna, Antony Anzaldo. During their conversation Anzaldo described going into Chyna’s apartment and finding her dead.

“I’m trying to give you a visual of what the apartment looks like. If you continue to walk straight, you’ll walk into the living room and the view of the ocean,” Anzaldo described. “Walk straight and then take a left, and you are, right away, in the bathroom. Walk straight a little further and to your left is the kitchen and then if you walk straight, it’s the living room and the view, but if you want to go to her bedroom, you got to take a [u-turn] as you walk in, and there’s this little hallway and straight ahead, it’s her bedroom. It’s a one-bedroom apartment.

“I take the [u-turn], and we walk towards the bedroom. And I see her laying in bed. Now, here’s the view, she’s laying on her side, and her arm is over her head. It would be her left arm, and so I could see the top of her head and the top of her hair and her arm kind of hanging over. I can see her body under the covers, and then there’s a pillow that’s obstructing her face. You cannot see her face. So as I start walking, I’m like, ‘Oh my God, Chyna? Sweetie? Chyna?’ And I walk over, and I start kind of pushing on her foot.

“I haven’t seen her face yet because I don’t want to see her face. I don’t want to be there. ‘Chyna?’ And then I walk around the bed, and you can see me looking down on her. And I say, ‘Oh my God, she’s dead,’ and I turn around and start walking towards Pete. ‘We got to call 911,’ and the footage ends.”

Anzaldo also described what he did once he realized Chyna was dead. He said after the police confirmed that Chyna had passed, he broke down, and he said that the landlord was not happy with him going to Chyna’s apartment without permission. They were not comforting in his situation.

“The first thing I do is I look around and just take a look,” Anzaldo said. “There’s two bottles of pills near her. No alcohol bottles. No pills spilled all over the place that was reported. Two bottles, both with their caps on them. One is Xanax or her daytime high-anxiety medication, and the others are Ambien and that’s what it was. So as we are walking out, the police are walking in because she had called for the wellness check. And I said, ‘Hey guys, I just walked in. I think she’s dead.’ They walk in. They’re in there for a minute, two minutes, five minutes.

“Come back out. I said, ‘What’s the verdict?’ They go, ‘She’s gone,’ and I just broke down. I just lost it. By this time, Nancy and her husband, the manager of the building, are also standing there, and they’re giving me the evil eye. They’re pissed. They’re f–king pissed. ‘How dare you put someone like this in our place?’ They were not happy, and I really resented them for that. They weren’t comforting. They were adding to it.”

Anzaldo acknowledges that it is the correct procedure for him and his friend Pete to be questioned by police. He said his only complaint was the news of Chyna’s passing making it through to TMZ. However, he noted that a formal announcement was made before it made worldwide news.

“A detective comes up to me and goes, ‘We got to talk.’ They took my buddy Pete downstairs because they’re gonna start talking to him because maybe we killed her,” Anzaldo stated. “She’s dead. We found her. Well right off the bat, you got to talk to those people. I wouldn’t say we were suspects because there’s no sign that there was any foul play, but they got to go through the whole f–king rigmarole, more so than if they had done a wellness check and just found her. But because we found her, that adds a whole new dynamic to the case. So for three hours, they questioned both of us. Now, there was a situation where I got upset, and maybe that’s what Jan (Chyna’s mother) is talking about. I’m going to tell you what that situation was.

“The detective and I, I said, ‘Do you know who that is?’ And he said, ‘No.’ I said, ‘She’s a celebrity, and when the word gets out that she’s gone, it’s going to be worldwide news, big time. I need you to keep this under your hat right now. Please just don’t tell anybody that it’s Chyna,’ and then the guy goes, ‘I knew it was Chyna.’ I go, ‘Until we make an announcement,’ I swear to God, two minutes later, the next door neighbor gets off the elevator, and their doors were literally right next to each other, he’s like, ‘Hey what’s going on?’ And the detective says, ‘We found your neighbor dead,’ and I’m like, ‘Dude! What are you doing?’ That guy called TMZ. Thank God it took them a while, but when they wrapped her up, put her on the gurney and took her out in a car, TMZ was there to get that footage. Fortunately, it was after I was able to make the announcement.”

Anzaldo said he tried to contact Chyna’s family eventually making contact with her half-brother to break the news of her passing. He also said he made contact with “Stone Cold” Steve Austin because Austin had been interested in trying to reunite Triple H and Chyna on his podcast.

“So I gave him s–t, and the one guy said, ‘Hey man, you better be careful. You got a warrant out for your arrest. I’ll take you in right now,'” Anzaldo recalled. “I said, ‘Warrant for my arrest? For what? What have I done? I thought he was lying to me. So I didn’t take very kindly to that either, but there was. Anyway, they finally let us go, and we come home. And I tried to call her mom, and I couldn’t get her. I tried to call her sister, no luck. I tried to call her brother, no luck. She had a half-brother in Miami, and when we went to Florida, she didn’t want to see him, and he didn’t want to see her, but I had his number.

“So I called him, and he answered. And I said, ‘Hey man, I’m the guy that talked to you before. Remember we were going to come down and try to figure things out. Well, I have some really, really, really bad news. I found Chyna dead a couple of hours ago.’ He goes, ‘You f–king liar. Don’t be f–king with me.’ I go, ‘I’m not lying with you. I’m not lying. I need you to try to get to the family because I can’t get to them, and we’re going to make an announcement like now. And he says, ‘Okay, I’ll do my best.’ I go, ‘I’m really sorry man.’ He goes, ‘You better not be phony.’ I said, ‘Dude, I have five children. On their lives she’s dead.’ He said, ‘Okay.’ My next call, ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin.

“Why? Because Steve and I had been talking the last several weeks, before all this craziness went on, about him, now that Piper’s dead, being the guy to get Triple H on the phone during the podcast because ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin is a proponent of Chyna being in the Hall of Fame. He’s like, ‘This ain’t even a Hall of Fame if Chyna’s not in it. It’s so ridiculous.’ There shouldn’t be one woman in there if it’s not Chyna.’ I have footage of me and Steve having many conversations about Chyna.”

One question that emerged from Chyna’s passing is why there were no alcohol bottles found in her apartment despite her blood alcohol level being very high. Anzaldo explained in a previous episode that Chyna and her friend, Joy Joy, had been drinking that night before, and Joy probably took the trash and bottles with her when she left. Anzaldo then went on a passionate rant telling his side of the story.

“They probably drank it, and she took the trash with her. She took it with her,” Anzaldo said. “That’s why there was no alcohol there and why Chyna had a .08 blood alcohol level because she was drinking with Joy all day long, and Joy left with whatever the remnants was. The bottles, open or empty, whatever was left, probably all gone. She took the bottles with her. That’s what happened not that I threw away the bottles of alcohol. Matter of fact, it made my point, Chyna wasn’t drinking everybody.

“There was no alcohol. There was no alcohol in the fridge, no alcohol on the bed [and] no alcohol in the kitchen. There’s no alcohol here everybody. The person who found her was telling everybody that, and the idiot mother is telling everybody, ‘Hey, he must have threw away the alcohol.’ Hey, you f–king idiot, I have footage of me finding her! All of you are a bunch of f–king morons! Tell your story!

“Tell it the way you want to tell to make me look like whatever you want me to make me be, but I know who I am in my heart! I lived it! If any of you would have done anything, she’d still be here! F–k all of y’all! But if you think I’m going to sit here and defend myself to those bunch of f–king losers, you’re out of your mind! I’ll give you the story, and that’s what I’m doing, so you can understand a little better about how hard this is for me.”

Also on the previous episode of “Documenting Chyna”, Anzaldo said that the landlord suggested calling the police so they could do a wellness check on Chyna. Anzaldo said he did not know if she would actually call for a wellness check, which is why he went to Chyna’s apartment. He stated that his main goal was to film for his documentary to possibly get the first encounter between himself and Chyna after the two had separated.

“That’s not where the problem started, but she didn’t tell me she was doing the wellness check,” Anzaldo noted. “She suggested to me that I should do a wellness check. ‘Let’s call the police, and do a wellness check. That would be my advice to you.’ Unbeknownst to me, she eventually did that because she thought about it for a minute and went, ‘you know, maybe I should just call the police’ is what she told me after, but I thought at the moment, I’m gonna call the cops. What if she’s not here? What if she’s somewhere else?

“It wasn’t like, ‘Oh, she’s laying in her bed dead.’ It was like, ‘There’s still a hope and a possibility that she’s just passed out or sleeping or whatever,’ and if I just go up there and her door was open , then all is well. And we don’t have to get into any of this, the cops and all that and who knows what’s in her place and what she’s got in there. I didn’t want that scene. I’m the only one she can trust. It’s me. So I felt that wasn’t even an issue.

“The real friends were all saying, ‘Dude, you have to go check on her. You have to check her,’ not I’m going to go check on her. ‘You have to go check on her,’ and I was shooting merely because if I confront her or come face-to-face, we needed it for the story because it had been documented that we were on the outs and that I was feeding her from behind the scenes and look what’s happening to her. And now we’re doing this intervention and all this stuff. I was self journaling while she was self journaling that week. Her journals are a little different than mine.”

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