The very nice, very evil Danhausen was on a recent episode of The Wrestling Inc. Daily podcast where he and Wrestling Inc. Managing Editor Nick Hausman discussed the attention Danhausen has been getting from many popular wrestlers. Hausman brought up the praise and critique Danhausen has received from The Young Bucks and asked what that meant to Danhausen.

“It just solidifies that Danhausen is taking over,” Danhausen pointed out. “There was a spot left when they left, and Danhausen has filled it. The space was there. Someone has to do it.”

Danhausen also spoke about his Warhausen tag team partner Warhorse and his match against Cody Rhodes for the TNT Championship. Hausman asked if Danhausen could be the next person to challenge Rhodes in a potential open challenge.

“We don’t know, maybe he’s ducking Danhausen,” Danhausen theorized. “Danhausen must have scared Arn Anderson. Danhausen told Warhorse, gave him some advice. He called him before his big match because Danhausen had to rearrange his library, his books, so he could not be there. So Danhausen said, ‘hey, when the match starts, you punch them right in the groin before the bell rings.’ He didn’t win. This is probably why he lost to be honest.

“Danhausen was very happy for him. Danhausen believes that some people thought maybe Danhausen was going to be angry it wasn’t he who had the spot. Danhausen could not be happier for Warhorse.”

Hausman also brought up the back and forth Danhausen had on Twitter with Matt Hardy. Danhausen spoke on that experience from a wrestler he has watched growing up.

“Danhausen loves Matthew Hardyhausen,” Danhausen remarked. “He’s definitely an influence. Danhausen grew up watching him and has watched him evolve into this superior being now. Yes, he’s wonderful.”

Danhausen noted that there has not been talk between him and Hardy to work together. He admitted that he would love to work with Hardy because of his nice pool and the prospect of a good time at the Hardy Compound.

“No, but maybe there should be,” Danhausen admitted. “He has a nice pool yes? Maybe we could go swimming. What do you want us to do, fight? He’s got a pool. He’s probably got nice snacks. Go there have a good time not go there punch each other in the face. Maybe we’ll beat up other people. Who knows?”

Danhausen also discussed his new shirt that will be in Hot Topic stores. He talked about how that got put together considering signed talent are the ones that usually get shirt deals at Hot Topic.

“As you know, Danhausen is the biggest deal. Number one,” Danhausen said. “Danhausen is number one wrestler around the universe. So Danhausen, he pulled up his phone, his internet phone right here and he said, Hot Topic. Danhausen said, ‘what is this? What is this’ And so he opened up his email and this email said, ‘Hot Topic would like Danhausen to be featured for the holiday seasons of some sort.’ And then, Danhausen hunted down a special artist, hired them, Spooky King is what his name was on Instagram, and he said, ‘hey, how fast can you get this t-shirt for Danhausen because it needs to be now. And he could do it very close so we got it. We got it very fast.”

Danhausen noted that Pro Wrestling Tees helped get the deal put together. He revealed that the shirt will be made available next month in 30 random stores meaning Danhausen will have to visit Hot Topic more frequently to find his shirt.

“Yes, the owner man (Ryan Barkan), he’s the one who emailed Danhausen,” Danhausen recalled. “He said, ‘I would like to get Danhausen some help,’ and Danhausen said, ‘absolutely.’ Danhausen used to go to Hot Topic at the mall. Now Danhausen will have to go back to the Hot Topic at the mall more frequently to try to find this t-shirt because Danhausen has been told it might be popping up in about 30 random stores. Not right now. I believe possibly next month, November. It is what it is. Danhausen will take it.”

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