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We begin the show with Scott D’Amore standing over John E. Bravo’s hospital bed. A doctor comes in to tell D’Amore the good news that he’s recovering from his coma. D’Amore reassures Bravo that he’ll get his justice tonight.

Josh Mathews and Matt Striker welcome fans to Impact Wrestling! We kick things off with the second opening round match for the Knockouts Tag Team Title Tournament!

Knockouts Tag Team Title Tournament: Kiera Hogan & Tasha Steelz vs. Sea Stars

Kiera Hogan and Delmi Exo start the match. Exo puts Hogan down with a gator roll. She rolls her up with a small package. Hogan pops free. Exo goes for another roll up. Hogan kicks out again. Hogan pushes Exo towards the ropes. Exo puts the breaks on Hogan’s arm drag and turns it into a neckbreaker. Exo tags in Ashley Vox. Hogan quickly tags in Tasha Steelz. Steelz corners Vox. Vox rolls through with a pin. Steelz kicks out of her first near-fall at 2. Steelz catches Vox with a strong uppercut. She tags in Hogan. Hogan runs in with a forearm smash. Hogan looks for a pin. Vox kicks out again at 2. Steelz tags herself back in. She puts a foot chokehold before quickly tagging Hogan back in.

Hogan sends Vox off her feet with a superkick. Vox raises to a vertical position to tag in her sister. Exo puts a bridge on Hogan. Steelz runs in to break the count. Exo sends Hogan into Steelz. She goes for another pin but only gets a 2 count. Vox makes her way back in. She catches Hogan with a Celtic Cross pin. Hogan kicks out again at 2. Steelz comes in with a running bulldog. Hogan sends Exo down and out with a swinging neckbreaker to pick up the win. They are heading towards the semi-finals!

Winners: Kiera Hogan & Tasha Steelz

Backstage: Jordynne Grace introduces her tag team partner, JAZZ! Jazz is ready to cement her legacy in Impact!

Mathews and Striker run through what’s to come on tonight’s show!

Backstage: Ethan Page is excited to share with his tag partner Josh Alexander that Doc Gallows is out of action for the next 4-6 weeks because of him. Alexander is furious. That means they can’t challenge for the tag team titles anytime soon.

The court is now in session, as we head to Wrestler’s Court. It’s The Boys vs. Johnny Swinger.

We head back to the Impact Zone to see what the X-Division Champion Rohit Raju has to say!

Raju begins his segment by saying that as a real champion, he is one to call someone out instead of hiding behind their phones and computers. He calls himself the best reigning champion. He is ready to see who will face him for his title tonight. It looks like Suicide will answer the challenge!

Rohit Raju vs. Suicide

Rohit Raju decides that he wants to change the stipulation for the match: his title will not be on the line. The bell rings. Suicide sends Raju off his feet with a deep arm drag. Raju lands a big shot in the corner, sending Suicide off the apron.

Back from the break, Raju is stomping the life out of Suicide. He goes for a cover and Suicide kicks out at 2. Raju doesn’t think the referee got it right, so he goes for another pin. Suicide kicks out again. Raju chokes his masked opponent while trying to pull his mask off. Raju connects a Russian leg sweep and another near-fall at 2. Suicide floats over and puts the champion in an octopus lock. Raju surprisingly counters out of it with a neckbreaker. Raju, surprisingly, counters out of it with a neckbreaker. Raju chokeslams Suicide and takes his mask off. TJP’s music hits. He walks out. He isn’t Suicide. It was Crazzy Steve who was! Steve rolls Raju up and wins the match!

Winner: “Suicide” – Crazzy Steve

Backstage: Sami Callihan pumps Ken Shamrock up for his main event match tonight! Moose interrupts. He feels bad that Shamrock is going for what he calls the “No. 2 title.” Moose compliments him but informs him that even if he does beat Rich Swann for the title tonight, he still has not defeated the self-proclaimed TNA World Heavyweight Champion yet. This gets Shamrock fired up.

Backstage: Tenille Dashwood and Kaleb is looking through some of her photos. Alisha Edwards comes in to talk to Dashwood. She wants to know where they stand as a team in the future. Alisha would like to still be a team. Dashwood agrees.

Speaking of Knockouts, we head back to the ring to see “The Crown Jewel” compete next!

Kimber Lee (w/ Deonna Purrazzo) vs. Killer Kelly (w/ Renee Michelle)

Kimber Lee ducks under Killer Kelly as she charges towards her. Lee grabs Kelly by her braids and throws her across the mat. Lee stretches Kelly’s arms. Lee reverses it with a roll-up. Kelly gets her shoulder up at 2. Kelly traps Lee’s arm and fires back with a headbutt. Kelly cartwheels into the back of Lee. She follows it up with a double stomp in the corner. She looks for a cover, and Lee kicks out at 2. Lee creates some space with two back elbows. She connects a tilt-a-while before heading to the top with a Swanton. She hooks the leg on Kelly and wins the match!

Winner: Kimber Lee

Post-Match: As Kimber Lee and Deonna Purrazzo embrace in a hug, Su Yung’s alter-ego, Susie, makes her return. She warns them both that she is sorry for what’s about to happen. Su Yung’s music hits. The Undead Bride is unleashed. She makes her way down to the ring and takes out both Lee and Purrazzo. Susie is still hanging back. Yung puts on her bloody glove. Lee rescues Purrazzo out of the ring in time.

Backstage: Alex Shelley is excited to announce that he has been cleared to compete! The Motor City Machine Guns have a three-step process going forward. First, defeat XXXL. Second, take out The North. Third, go after The Good Brothers to reclaim their tag team championships!

Backstage: Rich Swann checks in with Willie Mack on how he’s holding up following his match with Moose last week. Mack admits that he didn’t like the referee’s call last week. As they’re talking, Chris Bey interjects. He is trying to push for a title match against Swann. Bey says that he doesn’t want to be around all the other “losers” anymore. He wants the gold.

Up next, “All-Ego” Ethan Page will meet his “phenomenal” opponent!

Before his match, Karl Anderson comes out to call out Page for assaulting and injuring Doc Gallows. But now, he wants Page to meet his pick. It’s Swoggle impersonating AJ Styles!

Ethan Page (w/ Josh Alexander) vs. Swoggle (w/ Karl Anderson)

Ethan Page cannot take his opponent seriously. He cracks a few laughs and kneels to Swoggle’s level. The phenomenal “Wee-One” sends Page through a tilt-a-whirl head scissors. Page counters. Swoogle flies out of the ring. Josh Alexander takes care of him on the outside. Karl Anderson comes over to fight Alexander off Swoggle. Swoggle goes back into the ring. Page mocks AJ Styles. Swoggle bites his leg. Swoggle stacks Page up with a roll-up pin to win the match!

Winner: Swoggle

Post-Match: Ethan Page just can’t wrap his head around what just happened.

We head back to Wrestler’s Court, where Johnny Swinger is on the stand. Swinger calls himself the O.J. Simpson of wrestling, and he would never shoot anyone, even Swinger. Dreamer looks at him awkwardly. Dreamer rests his case. He decides to call Father James Mitchell to the stand to ask him about Rosemary’s comments before the wedding about making the sacrifice of a virgin. He explains what it means before

Rosemary makes her way onto the stand. Dreamer asks her point-blank: Did she ever love John E. Bravo. She says no, she never did. The courtroom gasps. She says Bravo’s virgin blood would have been the best and biggest thing for the Undead Realm. Bravo overhears it and calls her a b-tch. He does inform the court that he knows she was not the one who shot him. He recalls that he could smell his assailant before he was shot.

Back from the break, Tommy Dreamer has Larry D hooked up to a lie detector. He asks if he shot Bravo. Larry D says no and passes. Dreamer sprays Larry D’s alter-ego, Lawerence’s cologne. Dreamer asks Lawerence if he shot Bravo. He says, of course, he did! He loved Rosemary and didn’t want any man to stand in his way of being with her. After that confession by Lawerence, Judge D’Lo Brown makes his verdict. Johnny Swinger is innocent!

We head back to the ring for more action!

Fallah Bahh vs. Daivari

As the match gets underway, Eric Young and Joe Doering interrupt the match. The referee calls for this match to end in a no contest.

Winner: No Contest

Post-Match: Eric Young and Joe Doering want the world to know that they want to rid the evil. They are the medicine that can cure them all. Rhino runs down to the ring to stop them. They both take the Gore Machine out.

Backstage: Swoggle pokes fun of Crazzy Steve dressed up as Suicide. TJP comes in and thanks Steve for making a mockery out of Rohit Raju. Brian Myers interrupts and calls them all out for being clowns.

Deonna Purrazzo and Kimber Lee run into Father James Mitchell. They ask if he could help them with their Su Yung issue. They’d prefer to just deal with Susie. He says, of course, he can, but there will be a price involved.

And now, our main event!

Impact World Championship: Rich Swann (c) vs. Ken Shamrock (w/ Sami Callihan)

Ken Shamrock taunts Rich Swann with a forward step towards him. Swann ducks Shamrock each time. Sami Callihan physically gets involved on the outside. The referee ejects him from ringside. He leaves but doesn’t go out quietly. Back in the ring, Shamrock drops Swann on the mat and starts to kick the champion in the kidneys. Shamrock turns Swann over with a single crab lock. Swann wails out in pain. Swann tries to create some distance with a few forearm shots. Shamrock puts him back in his place with a stomp and a knee to the face. Shamrock locks Swann with a front face lock. Shamrock breaks the hold with another boot to the face.

Back from the break, Shamrock has full wrist control on Swann. The world champion kicks Shamrock in the midsection to break the lockup. Swann enters with two clotheslines. Shamrock cuts him off with a midsection kick and another knee to the side of his face. Both men rise to a vertical base. Swann sends the Impact Hall of Famer down with a roundhouse kick. Swann looks for a cover. Shamrock kicks out at 2. Swann rolls him up with a sunset flip and a near-fall count of 2. He heads to the top rope. He flies off with a frog splash. He goes for another pin. Shamrock kicks out at 2. Swann catches a rope break after an armbar. Swann rolls right into an ankle lock. He has Swann locked up again. Swann bridges over for another pin. Shamrock doesn’t get his shoulders up in time. Swann retains his championship!

Winner And Still Champion: Rich Swann

Post-Match: Sami Callihan comes back out. He sends Rich Swann crashing onto the mat with his cactus special piledriver. He finds his baseball bat underneath the ring. Before “The Draw” can use it, Eddie Edwards runs out to come to the aide of the world champion. Shamrock and Callihan catch him and tape him. Callihan uses his baseball bat on Edwards and whacks him in the eye again. Edwards is bleeding profusely. Impact officials come out. Shamrock knocks out D’Lo Brown and lays into him with a series of punches.

That concludes this week’s episode. Thanks for watching! Also, don’t forget to check out “IMPACT! After Shock.” Join Don Callis and Jimmy Jacobs as they recap this week’s episode.

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