Monday Night Raw Superstar Jeff Hardy is in awe of Cameron Grimes [real name Trevor Lee Caddell] and predicts the NXT star is going to be a big player down the road on the main roster.

The Hardys were very close with Grimes’s father, Tracy Caddell, who co-founded IMEGA Championship Wrestling in 1997 and set up a ring in his backyard where both Jeff and Matt started their wrestling journeys.

“Trevor is incredible. He’s just so talented,” Hardy told Sports Illustrated. “Many, many moons ago, even before I debuted in WWE against Razor Ramon in ’94, I was training in Trevor’s dad’s old yard. That’s where our ring used to be. I can still remember doing shooting stars and landing on my feet, doing reverse-450s and landing on my feet.”

Caddell passed away in 2018 at the age of 50. Since then, Hardy has been a mentor to Grimes, who officially signed with WWE in early 2019.

“I remember when Trevor was a little baby, he was in that ring. I’ve seen him grow up, and to see him so big and healthy and athletic, it’s a beautiful thing. His dad passed away at the age of 50, but I’m sure he’s living vicariously through his son. It’s such a cool thing to see another human being come from this little antique town called Cameron, N.C., and be on this main stage. He is such a talented and deserving individual, and I wish him the best of luck.”

During this week’s edition of NXT, Grimes continued his feud with Dexter Lumis, interfering during the Timothy Thatcher vs. Lumis match. It is likely that Grimes and Lumis will face off at NXT TakeOver 32.

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