During the Grilling JR Podcast, Jim Ross talked about the resurrection of the NWA. Ross mentioned how Billy Corgan’s company compares to the original NWA back in the 80s. He said he appreciates the attempt by Corgan and the roster, but it’s not fair to the company.

“I do have a lot of respect for Billy Corgan and his love for pro wrestling when he doesn’t have to love it,” Ross said. “To compare the heyday of the NWA to what the NWA is trying to do now is not fair. It’s not fair for Billy, it’s not fair for the talents that work there, it’s not fair for the champion Nick Aldis. It’s a different brand.

“It has the same three initials but it has a different meaning. I don’t mean to knock the current NWA, I support them big time anytime I can. Billy is a good guy, but it’s a different breed of cat. The only thing in common is the 3 initials.”

Ross also talked about Jim Herd, who was the executive producer for WCW during the late ’80s. He said Herd has been given a bad rap by some, including Ric Flair, who belittled Herd for wanting to name him Spartacus.

“He was a colorful character,” Ross said. “He’s been made the villain by being lambasted by many of the more prominent names in wrestling. He had a caustic personality and a caustic sense of humour. He knew he was in over his head.

“I felt bad for him sometimes. He just wanted somebody to talk to – he was lonely, he didn’t have many friends. I became a friend in that respect, which got me a lot of heat with the booking committee because they thought I was colluding against them.”

Ross also mentioned the ongoing changes in the wrestling business and how everyone needs to adapt. He also talked about how he has changed throughout his time with AEW, and has never wished wrestlers today would wrestle like they did during the peak of wrestling.

“We all got to move forward, including my old school self,” Ross said. “With AEW, I’ve been motivated to move forward and look at wrestling in a little different perspective because that’s the way it’s presented now. I don’t expect to wave a magic wand and make it the ’70s or ’80s again. It’s not the attitude era.”

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