On the latest episode of the Grilling JR Podcast, Jim Ross covered the Halloween Havoc 1990 pay-per-view. On that show, Sting successfully defended the NWA World Heavyweight Championship against Sid Vicious in the main event. Ross talked about Sid and how fantastic his look was. He also said that he could've seen him as a face or a heel in any role.

"There's no doubt his upside was unlimited," Ross said. "The look was a look that was being accepted as a star look - 6'9'', lean, muscular, great facial expressions. He had everything physically that you'd ever want in a monster heel or monster baby face."

Ross also talked about the match between Sid and Sting, and how difficult it was to watch because of the chemistry issues. He also talked about a conversation he had with Stone Cold Steve Austin regarding him not having chemistry with a Hall of Fame talent he wouldn't directly name.

"There's always a lot of compromise in getting these matches structured," Ross said. "Sting wasn't being protective, but he was aware like, 'hey, I'm the champion. You put me in this position, so I need to be strong to some degree.' Which, he was right.

"I've talked to Stone Cold [Steve Austin] over a cocktail or two, and he'd say a guy who I wont name-- he said he's a great guy and a Hall of Fame guy, but we didn't have chemistry. That lack of chemistry, I think it reared its ugly head in this match."

Ross continued to talk about the booking of Sting vs. Sid in the main event. He said that it's a tough decision to make when you're trying to focus all your energy on making the loser look good in defeat.

"When you book a match, how do you book a match without a finish in mind when you're trying to protect the guy who's losing?" Ross said. "You need to have the finish booked at the same time you booked the match knowing the criteria involved. The criteria being that we needed to protect Sid because he's hot."

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