Jimmy Korderas Recalls Hilarious Eddie And Chavo Guerrero Tag Team Match Story

On a recent episode of The Wrestling Inc. Daily podcast, former WWE referee Jimmy Korderas sat down with Wrestling Inc. Managing Editor Nick Hausman where he told a few stories from his career. During their chat Korderas named the tag teams that he loved working with.


"Oh my goodness, I love working with Edge and Christian. Eddie and Chavo [Guerrero] were just so much fun," Korderas expressed. "When they used to do the 'lie, cheat and steal' stuff, they would do stuff on the fly where in the middle of a match, something would happen, and they would talk you through it. They were so good at manipulating you."

Korderas then took the time to tell a story about Eddie and Chavo manipulating him. He recalled a tag match where Eddie had acquired a wrench, and he and Chavo kept using it while he had no idea what was going on.

"We're up in Burlington, VT, and it's Eddie and Chavo vs. Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas," Korderas recalled. "And in the middle of the match, one of the bolts in the corner where the turnbuckle was was coming loose. So [Tony] Chimel, who is ring announcing and timekeeping at the time at ringside, picked up the wrench which you used to ring the bell to tighten the bolt in the corner.


"And unbeknownst to me, because this is behind my back, Eddie looks at Chimel and says, 'give me the wrench.' Chimel looks at him. 'Give me the wrench.' So Chimel gave him the wrench, and then I hear Eddie go to Chavo, 'Chavo bring Shelton over here into the corner.' So he brings him into the corner. He backs him in, and I'm doing my job as a ref. I count Chavo and back him out of the corner, and as I backed him out, unbeknownst to me, because I don't know this is going on, he pops Shelton with the wrench.

"So then Charlie comes blasting in the ring. So of course, my job is to go with Charlie and keep him out. So they're doing this double-team stuff with the wrench and they're passing it back and forth, and I have no idea what's going on. I'm getting distracted, and they're talking me through this. All of a sudden, they did this deal where they slip the wrench in the back of Shelton's tights, and I catch Shelton with the wrench and I give him crap for it. So anyways, all stuff that had been on the fly that worked and that wasn't the only time. It was just so much fun those guys."

Korderas also recalled a similar incident involving a "foreign napkin". Owen Hart is famously known for being a prankster, and Korderas told a story of him breaking out laughing during a match because of Hart's antics.


"It was Edge and Christian vs. Jeff [Jarrett] and Owen, and this was in Germany. Again, doing the foreign object spot behind the referee's back and hitting the guy and passing it back and forth between him and Jeff," Korderas noted. "Then it comes to the to the spot where I finally catch Owen, he's got it hidden under his arm, and I give him the five count. He has to raise his arm, so I could check under his arms.

"So they've been doing this thing for five minutes. Christian's selling like he's getting hit with a roll of quarters or whatever and stuff like this and throughout the whole thing. So when I finally get to Owen, I get him to raise his arms, and this napkin comes floating out. And I couldn't hold it in. I couldn't contain myself. I lost it, and I'm trying to give him crap while I'm picking something, holding it up. 'Is this what you were using?' That spot has been labeled 'the foreign napkin spot.'"

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