Jordan Devlin To Defend His WWE NXT Cruiserweight Title On Next Week's NXT UK Show

The WWE NXT Cruiserweight Title is set to be defended during next Thursday's NXT UK show on the WWE Network.

It was announced on today's show that Jordan Devlin will defend his version of the Cruiserweight Title against Amir Jordan next week.

This will be the first time Devlin has defended the title since before the COVID-19 pandemic shut the brand down. Devlin recently returned to action with a storyline where he insists that his Cruiserweight Title is the real Cruiserweight Title in WWE.

WWE held a tournament earlier this year where Santos Escobar captured the NXT Cruiserweight Title after Devlin was unable to defend in the United States due to COVID-19 travel restrictions. WWE briefly referred to Escobar's title as the interim title, until they began billing it as the main NXT Cruiserweight Title. Devlin has called him a fake champion ever since.

It's believed that a Devlin vs. Escobar match will take place at some point, but there's no word yet on when.

Stay tuned for updates.