AEW Games Division Officially Announced, New Console Game And Two Mobile Games In The Works (Video)

The AEW Games 1.0 Special Event started 45 minutes late, but it finally opens with AEW Executive Vice President Kenny Omega on the stage. You can see the stream above.

Omega says he has been looking forward to this day for 2.5 years. He says every once in a while a revolutionary company comes along and changes everything. He recalls how it all started for AEW in January 2019. He shows us a video with stills from AEW's launch. That wasn't just a big day for AEW, that day sent shock-waves through the entire wrestling industry. He says AEW was only getting started. We see more stills from AEW's run, including Double Or Nothing and the TNT premiere, and how these events changed everything. Omega says then the COVID-19 pandemic hit and if it weren't for the fans, we wouldn't be here today, he wouldn't be here sharing this message:


"We are here for you as you have been here for us. Time and time again we have made history. Today, again with all of you, we shall re-write history and make history together. I give you – 'AEW Games: AEW Re-imagines Gaming.'"

Omega talks about when he was signed by AEW President & CEO Tony Khan, he told Khan that he can get paid all the money in the world but it doesn't mean anything if Omega can't be part of the AEW video games division. He talks about how they want to give fans what they want and deserve in a video game – for it to be fun, to be easy to pick up, but difficult to master. He wants it to be like how NBA Jam and other fun games used to be. He says they have assembled a very creative team, what he calls the best at what they do. Omega goes on to introduce a very 8-bit trailer for a new video game. That was just a joke. Omega heard fans want a game that is a little more like No Mercy, Virtual Pro Wrestling, one to be fun. He talks about how Yukes has been working around the clock to bring fans this very special sneak peek of the actual AEW game that is coming soon to current and next-gen consoles. Omega calls for the footage to be played and we see the trailer for the first-ever AEW console video game.


The trailer includes a disclaimer that says the footage is still early in development and may not be representative of the actual product.

Omega says they have worked literally 24 hours a day to bring fans one of the greatest wrestling games of all-time. He mentions updates being released to social media and asks fans to follow them. Referee Aubrey Edwards ends up interrupting. She talks about how when she signed, she didn't want to put ink to paper unless Khan would let her work on the AEW mobile games division, and he did because of her background. She shows us the trailer for the new AEW mobile game – Elite General Manager.

The trailer mentions that GM Mode is back and is better than ever.

Britt Baker comes out next and reveals the first-ever AEW Games merchandise. They do some comedy and AEW Executive Vice President Cody Rhodes is out next. He praises Omega as the only man qualified to head this division up, and mentions Edwards' previous experience in mobile gaming, and Baker's experience in fashion. Cody wants to give the fans something to play now but the others tell him it's not ready. Cody says they're wrong. He goes on and says during his recent hiatus he had something fast-tracked and he wants us to see it. We see a trailer for a new casino-themed AEW Casino Double Or Nothing mobile game, which is apparently available now.


Omega talks more about how they've teamed with Yukes to give fans the best console gaming experience in pro wrestling history, with offices in Japan and America working around the clock. He then talks about how they've landed legendary Japanese video game producer Geta, who was responsible for the popular WWF No Mercy game on Nintendo 64. We see a video of Geta in Japan, and he gives a few words on the new AEW project.

Stay tuned for updates on the new AEW games in the works – the console game and the two mobile games. You can follow AEW Games on their various social media accounts – YouTube (AEWgames), Twitter (AEWgames), Instagram (playAEWgames) and Facebook (playAEWgames).

The aforementioned trailers can be seen in the stream video above. Stay tuned for more.