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Fight analysts (commentators) Jared St. Laurent and Rich Bocchini welcome fans to MLW Fusion. We kick off the show with the very first 2020 Opera Cup opening round match!

Before Richard Holliday’s match, he gives an update in regards to Alex Hammerstone’s condition after being brutally attacked by a masked assailant of the CONTRA Unit. He says that Hammerstone is recovering, but that’s all he can give out.

Opera Cup Opening Round: TJP (w/ Bu Ku Dao) vs. Richard Holliday

Both men lockup. Holliday shoves TJP off. TJP goes rolling to the other side. Both men restart with another lockup. TJP puts Holliday in a side headlock and rolls through off the middle rope and back into a headlock. Holliday counters with a head scissors. TJP escapes with a headstand. Holliday reverses out of full wrist control and looks for a schoolboy pin. TJP gets his shoulders up by the 2 count.

TJP twists out of a leg lock. Holliday has TJP up on his shoulders. CONTRA Unit interrupts the programming temporarily. TJP slides free for a dropkick. Holliday stomps both of TJP’s ankles to keep him down for a Northern Lights Suplex. TJP kicks out at 2. TJP bridges back with a hold in the center of the ring after breaking up his sharpshooter. Holliday counters with a chin lock. TJP snaps Holliday’s arm. Both men make their way towards a vertical position. Holliday catches TJP with a powerful clothesline.

TJP doesn’t let go of Holliday’s arm with his hurricanrana. Holliday counters out and looks for a cover. TJP kicks out with a near-fall at 2. Holliday goes for another cover. The same results follow. TJP uses the ropes for leverage for a tornado DDT and three suplexes. He heads to the top rope and misses a Swanton Bomb opportunity. Holliday connects his Market Crash finisher and picks up a win in the opening bout.

Winner: Richard Holliday

Richard Holliday moves on to the semi-finals of the 2020 Opera Cup.

The Von Erich’s send out a special message wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving before the show cuts to commercial.

Coming back from the commercial, we revisit Myron Reed’s victory over Brian Pillman Jr. for the MLW Middleweight Championship. Last week, Reed called out Lio Rush for a title fight.

At the studio, Lio Rush responds to Reed’s challenge by saying, why not have a big title match during his big debut? He shoos away the MLW crew.

Next, we take a look back at King Mo Lawal taking out Low Ki. King Mo sends out a message to beg MLW officials to not let Low Ki compete in his 2020 Opera Cup match next week. He doesn’t believe he is fit to compete. He warns that if that doesn’t happen, he’ll beat Low Ki’s ass.

s the commentators are going over TJP/Richard Holliday’s match, Salina de la Renta interrupts by asking which one of them tried to terminate her contract? She calls the company a bunch of hypocrites, and if they decide to let her go before her executive produced show in January, she’ll sue them for everything they’ve got.

Up next, Calvin Tankman will make his official debut!

Calvin Tankman vs. Robert Martyr

Robert Martyr goes right for a running dropkick. Calvin Tankman returns the same move, shooting him across the ring. Tankman stalks Martyr towards the corner and chops away at his chest. Martyr tries to fight back, but Tankman sends him crashing with a Tankman Driver. Tankman goes for the pin and wins his first match in the company!

Winner: Calvin Tankman

Post-Match: Calvin Tankman says he dedicates his debut match to his family. His goal in MLW is to beat down anyone who stands in his path.

We look back on the attack Alex Hammerstone received by the masked assailant of CONTRA Unit following Jacob Fatu’s Heavyweight title defense. Rich Bocchini announces that Hammerstone has suffered a rib and neck contusion, as well as an inflamed spinal cord. They reach out to Hammerstone via a phone call. He says once his injuries heal, he’ll seek vengeance on the entire group.

Josef Samael cuts his segment off and warns the Openweight Champion that he’ll never surpass CONTRA Unit.

And now, our main event!

Opera Cup Opening Round: Rocky Romero vs. “Filthy” Tom Lawlor (w/ Dominic Garrini)

Tom Lawlor tries to catch Rocky Romero off guard with a sing leg takedown. Romero spots it and reveres the catch. Lawlor and Romero roll each other over. Romero hooks a pin on Lawlor. He kicks out at 2. Romero puts a tight grip around Lawlor’s neck. Lawlor rolls through. Both men make it back up to a vertical position. Romero grasps Lawlor with another tight side headlock. Both men crash in the center of the ring with a series of shoulder tackles. Lawlor finally picks up the upper hand by sending Romero down on the canvas. Romero sneaks in a dropkick and a flying knee off the apron. Dominic Garrini checks in with Lawlor following that attack.

Lawlor digs his knee into Romero’s back. Romero breaks free with a roll through and puts Lawlor in another trapped submission. Lawlor gets his foot on the bottom rope. Both men exchange chops and forearm strikes. Lawlor gets the best of Romero and ties up a heel hook. Romero heads to the ropes for a tornado DDT but instead locks in a guillotine choke. Lawlor counters with an exploder suplex. Minutes after, Romero successfully lands his tornado DDT.

Romero jumps off the ropes with a double stomp on Lawlor, who’s locked up on the ropes. Romero goes for a cover. Lawlor kicks out at 1. Romero tries to get an armbar locked in. Lawlor counters. Romero flattens Lawlor with Sliced Bread only to get a 2.8 count. Romero smashes into Lawlor with four clotheslines in the corner. Lawlor plants Romero with an Urangi. Both men exchange back and forth knee strikes and palm strikes. Lawlor tries to lock in a rear-naked chokehold. Romero rolls through. Lawlor gets the best of Romero by stacking him up and gaining the victory in the opening round!

Winner: “Filthy” Tom Lawlor

Tom Lawlor moves on to the semi-finals of the 2020 Opera Cup.

Post-Match: Tom Lawlor creates his own post-match interview to warn his future challengers in the Opera Cup.

Next week, the Opera Cup opening rounds continue with 2019 Winner Davey Boy Smith Jr. taking on Low Ki. And ACH versus Laredo Kid.

That concludes this week’s episode. From all of us here at Wrestling Inc., we wish everyone a safe and happy Thanksgiving!