Over the past few months, wrestling fans have shared a good laugh over the names given to RETRIBUTION members Dominik Dijakovic [T-BAR], Shane Thorne [Slapjack], Dio Maddin [Mace], and Mia Yim [Reckoning].

Mustafa Ali, the leader of the stable, explained the origins of the names during his appearance on Raw Talk following this week’s Monday Night Raw. When asked by co-hosts Charly Caruso and R-Truth to explain the names, Ali said, “You’re gonna make fun of their names? That’s real funny coming from a guy named R-Truth.”

He continued, “Let me tell you why the members of RETRIBUTION look the way they look, and have the names they have. Imagine being judged by your name. Imagine being mocked because of how you look. Now, imagine a guy named Mustafa Ali that gave the members of RETRIBUTION names and masks so that they can feel what he feels. So that they, too, can be judged by their names and how they look. It’s a crazy concept, isn’t it?”

During the interview, Ali also corrected the way Caruso and R-Truth pronounced his name “Mustafa Ali” and said he was tired of the way people mispronounce his name.

When Caruso insisted on explaining what “Slapack” and “T-BAR” meant, Ali asked his stable members to join the show. That’s when members of RETRIBUTION interrupted Raw Talk and the show went off the air.

Earlier on Monday, Ali also tweeted from his “Hacker” Twitter account and explained why he gave RETRIBUTION members strange names.

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