Retribution’s @TheMessageWWE Twitter account posted a new promo from group leader Mustafa Ali this afternoon, apparently furthering the original tease for tonight’s WWE RAW episode.

Ali cut a promo on being judged because of your name and mocked because of how you look, and how he let the members of Retribution feel what he’s felt and see the world the way he sees it.

“I want you to imagine something,” Ali said. “I want you to imagine being judged because of your name. I want you to imagine being mocked because of how you look. Now I want you to imagine a man named Mustafa Ali, that has given names and masks to members of Retribution so that they too can know how he feels. So that they too can be judged because of their names, they too can be mocked because of how they look, they too can see the world the way he sees it. Imagine that.”

The video ended with Ali leaning back in his chair as the camera shows the masks belonging to Ali, T-BAR, Mace, Slapjack and Reckoning.

As noted over the weekend, Ali made a teaser tweet for tonight’s RAW where he said he will “turn this ship around.”

He wrote, “Tomorrow on #WWERAW I turn this ship around. But I don’t want you to change. I want you to continue to ignore the warning. I want you to continue having no faith in us. After all, “having no faith in us” is what made us in the first place.”

There’s still no word yet on what the tweet was referring to as WWE has not announced anything for Retribution on tonight’s RAW. The group lost an eight-man Elimination Match to The Hurt Business last week.

The @TheMessageWWE page is the same account that was being used during the SmackDown mystery hacker storyline earlier this year. The account resumed tweeting, sharing messages from Retribution, after Ali revealed himself as the SmackDown hacker several weeks back during an episode of RAW.

The new video has been re-posted by Ali’s account, T-BAR and Reckoning, plus re-tweeted by Slapjack. You can see the related tweets below: