Pat McAfee's new stable are calling themselves "The Kings of WWE NXT" now.

This week's NXT show saw McAfee, Pete Dunne and NXT Tag Team Champions Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch arrive in a white SUV together. They then entered the Capitol Wrestling Center but attacked Killian Dain, Drake Maverick and Ever-Rise during their match.

After the attack, McAfee and his crew cut promos on how The Undisputed Era (Adam Cole, Roderick Strong, Kyle O'Reilly, Bobby Fish) have dominated NXT over the years. McAfee said The Kings of NXT are different from The Undisputed Era because they have class and aren't scumbags. He went on to say that it's only right to pay tribute to The Undisputed Era, and to raise their banner to the rafters to commemorate their run of dominance on the brand, which would "retire" them. McAfee played still photos of the group on the big screen while the group talked about the members, praising and insulting them at the same time. McAfee claimed NXT changed their whole business model to make The Undisputed Era look like the best, giving them a push like never seen before. McAfee again recalled how Cole beat him at "Takeover: XXX" but did not show him any respect after the match, so he hired Ridge Holland to attack Cole at the "Takeover: 31" event. Holland was then injured, so McAfee hired Lorcan and Burch. He then brought Dunne onboard because of his hate for the group. McAfee added that putting this group together was the easiest thing he's ever done in his life, and now it's time for The Kings to run NXT.

Before McAfee raised The Undisputed Era's banner to the rafters, he said he was reconsidering after being reminded of how despicable Cole and crew were. McAfee asked his teammates to vote on if they should raise the banner to pay tribute, or throw it in the trash can. They all voted for the trash can and Dunne ended up soaking the banner in lighter fluid. The Kings then lit the can and flag on fire, and continued to insult fans and The Undisputed Era. McAfee reminded everyone that The Kings are the greatest, and that the fans suck. The boos got louder as McAfee and crew exited the ring. The camera followed The Kings to the parking lot where their SUV waited. Dain suddenly attacked McAfee and beat him up. Dunne, Lorcan and Burch made the save as McAfee recovered. Lorcan and Burch tended to McAfee while Dunne continued beating on Dain, slamming the car door on him. McAfee jumped behind the wheel of the SUV and said this was a reminder that The Kings are the greatest, while everyone else sucks. McAfee drove the SUV away while we saw Dain laid out in the parking lot, holding his jaw and apparently bleeding. NXT then returned to a commercial break and that was the last we saw of The Kings this week.

Above is video of The Kings attacking during the tag match, and below is video of their "tribute" to The Undisputed Era.

This has not been confirmed but it's believed that WWE is building to a WarGames match between The Kings and The Undisputed Era at the next Takeover event on Sunday, December 6.

It looks like they are building to a Dunne vs. Maverick singles match for next week's show. You can see a Twitter exchange between Dunne and Maverick below, along with Nikki Cross' response to how her husband Dain was taken out and left in the parking lot.

Several photos & videos from this week's segments with The Kings can also be seen below, along with two versions of the selfie that McAfee took from the apron with the camera: