This week’s WWE RAW ended with R-Truth in his 44th reign as WWE 24/7 Champion.

The show opened with Drew Gulak as the 24/7 Champion, in his 4th reign after winning the title last week from Truth due to an assist from The Hurt Business. Gulak was beat down by The Hurt Business in a backstage segment on this week’s show, which saw Truth sneak up and pin him to begin his 43rd reign.

Truth then came to the ring for a Fatal 7 Way match for the title. The other participants were Gulak, Erik, Akira Tozawa, Tucker, Gran Metalik and Lince Dorado. That match ended by pinfall with Tozawa pinning Truth to begin his 6th reign with the title.

The post-match angle saw Erik pin Tozawa to begin his 1st reign, Gulak pin Erik to begin his 5th reign, Tucker pin Gulak to begin his 1st reign, Gulak pin Tucker to begin his 6th reign, Tucker pin Gulak to begin his 2nd reign, Metalik pinning Tucker to begin his 1st reign, Dorado pinning Metalik to begin his 1st reign, and Truth pinning Dorado to begin his 44th reign.

R-Truth then ran away with the title as the other Superstars chased him.

Above and below are several shots from this week’s WWE 24/7 Title changes at the Amway Center in Orlando, Florida: